Take a look at some of the inventive homes made from shipping containers featured in the 2020 updated edition of Container Atlas.  

WhitakerStudio Container Atlas gestalten main

Image: Whitaker Studio. Container Atlas, gestalten 2020

First released in 2010, Container Atlas, published by gestalten and edited by Hans Slawik, Julia Bergmann, Matthias Buchmeier and Sonja Tinney, has been the seminal literature examining the role of repurposing the abundance of freight containers as a building material for the past decade.

For its 2020 update, the book features 28 new projects all built in the last 10 years which have continued to push the concept of building with shipping boxes. 

From acting as prefab structures for small footprint homes to creative concepts that elevate these simple rectangles to bold, new architectural heights, take a look at some of the newest and most innovative builds. 

Joshua Tree, Whitaker Studio 

Inspired by the growth of crystals in a laboratory, the Mojave Desert in California is the perfect location to bring this conceptual build to life. Made from 19 shipping containers welded together, each spoke has been carefully situated to suit the internal use to the exterior landscape. The property is due for completion in 2020. 

Pachacutec House, TRS Studio

house made from shipping container with glass roof - self build - granddesignsmagazine.com

Image: TRS Studio, 3D rendering by Bineural3D. Container Atlas, gestalten 2020

This housing concept, created by TRS Studio, uses shipping containers as a base of the structure, with a polycarbonate plastic roof that floods the home with light. The idea behind these structures is to offer an alternative for Peruvian communities that struggle with  shortage in housing supply and sourcing building materials. 

Caroll House, LOT-EK 

Multi storey new york house made from shipping containers - self build - grand designs 

Image: LOT-EK. Container Atlas, gestalten 2020

New York and Naples practice LOT-EK repurposed 21 freight containers to create the diagonal volume of this striking home located on a typical Brooklyn street. Each containers has been cut along the top and bottom, and 3 of the levels have private outdoor spaces at the rear of the home, shielded from the street below by its corrugated walls. 

ContainerAtlasEN gestalten2020 Cover

Container Atlas, edited by Hans Slawik, Julia Bergmann, Matthias Buchmeier and Sonja Tinney, published by gestalten 2020.


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