Self Builds

Planning your own Grand Design? Make sure your self build project runs as smoothly as possible with our expert guides and advice, plus take inspiration from our new build case studies. From choosing a plot to funding and finding the right architect, you can ensure your own self build is a success.

Self Builds

Curved house on Lake Zürich, Switzerland

Stefan Camenzind had to think outside the box - literally - to create his remarkable curved home on Lake Zürich.
Self Builds

Contemporary retirement bungalow in Dorset

Contemporary design probably doesn’t spring to mind when you think of retirement bungalows.
Self Builds

How to build a low-energy home

Here are some of the best routes to take if your considering building a low-energy home.
Self Builds

Top 10 Eco Homes

The top 10 "Eco Homes" that come in all shapes and sizes from all across the globe.
Self Builds

Amazing homes for under £200,000

Affordable projects that prove you don't need a huge budget to build your dream home.

Kevin McCloud on Britain's best restoration projects

Our editor-at-large steps back in time to visit a collection of amazing restoration projects.
Self Builds

Prefab new build cabin on stilts

The prefabricated IT House build system that sits on four stilts above the ground was like striking gold for Terry Ohm.
Self Builds

New build barn in Poland

Polish architect Ola Wołczyk, designed her perfect family home as an ultra modern barn.
Self Builds

A guide to prefabricated kit homes

A prefabricated kit home is an attractive self-build option to create a bespoke home design with quick build time.
Self Builds

Self-build project on your existing property

Finding a suitable site for your self-build project in your own back garden.
Self Builds

The Origami House in Japan

The Origami House in Japan shows how good things can come in small packages.
Self Builds

360 degree coastal self-build in Scotland

A 360 degree coastal home in Scotland has become a local landmark.

Research has shown that approximately one million people in the United Kingdom are taking part in their own building projects, be that self build homes, extensions, garden rooms, conversions or property renovation.

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Normally a building project is undertaken to increase living space for family or entertaining requirements or to increase the value of a property. Sometimes, it’s because of the builder’s desire to create an outstanding piece of architecture that is appealing and different, whether it’s constructed on an empty plot of land, or to extend an existing property.

The key to a successful self build is finding the right plot. Once a plot of land has been found, before starting a project, planning permission is required for building. While starting a self build project might sound an interesting challenge, be aware of the financial implications. Establishing a budget, and staying on budget can be a huge challenge in itself, and so it is important to get these in place from the beginning.

Finding the right architect for your self build will mean that you are able to create a brief to design the perfect family home, the spacious kitchen or the exciting tree house that you’ve always wanted.

The average self build can take up to a year just at the pre-planning stage, and then another year to complete on site, or sometimes more. It’s important to not rush the pre-planning process, as rushing at the early stage of any building project could cause architectural or other problems in the future. Prioritise external areas of the building to be completed first; interior installations, improvements and decorative touches can be pushed back to after the build completion.