Why these affordable house kits are a self-build winner

rom bare bones kits to bespoke, DIY self-build house kits can be both high-spec and affordable. We take a closer look.

By Hugh Metcalf | 16 June 2020

Modern DIY timber frame houses can meet Building Regulation and Caravan Act demands.

timber clad self build home with glazed doors and windows

Image: Urban Marque 

Whether you call them static caravans, mobile homes, lodges or granny annexes, self-build house kits can be a great way to have an affordable DIY house solution. But what do you need to know before taking the plunge?

The ins and outs of building regs

self build kit house arriving on a truck

Images: Urban Marque 

One of the major obstacles of static caravans or mobile homes is negotiating the labyrinth of building regulations. The legal minefield is not for the faint-hearted, and many projects have foundered on exactly this.

Happily, companies such as Urban Marque take the headache out of this process by supplying timber framed house kits that can meet all of the requirements for the UK Caravan Act and Building Regulations. Their experts in planning law can guide you through the boxes and help you put ticks in all of them with the minimum of difficulty.