4 build projects with internal courtyard gardens

Offering a clever way to add natural light, ventilation and a connection to nature within a project, internal courtyards feature in each of these builds.

By Anna Winston | 24 June 2020

A courtyard offers a way to bring in natural light and a connection to the outdoors, even in the centre of your home. These 4 properties offer a glimpse into some of the possibilities.

Red House 2197 Rory Gardiner PRESSIMAGE 5

Image: Rory Gardiner 

While many modern builds focus on large glazed doors at the rear of the property, and introducing natural light throughout with roof lights, in the furthest depths of your home, you can feel a little disconnected from this relationship between interior and exterior.

A courtyard is an interesting solution to consider. Not only does it offer a well of natural light, it offers an opportunity to enjoy outside space, improve ventilation and introduce natural elements that promote biophilic design within your home.

These 4 properties have all employed courtyard gardens in different ways, from the decorative to the functional, to inspire your self-build or renovation project.

Additional words: Hugh Metcalf

Red House, 31/44 Architects

house within interior courtyard looking onto kitchen - grand designs

Image: Rory Gardiner 

As it sat at the end of the terrace, the site of this project by 31/44 Architects offered an unusually shaped plot to play with dictated by a kink in the road and the angled flank of the house next door. The architects saw it as an opportunity to draw light and ventilation into the low level living spaces with a series of small glazed courtyards. They also offer a way to demarcate these spaces for function, without losing the openness and brightness of the space, forging a pathway throughout the space.

The architects have also used the courtyard to connect the minimalist interior of the home to the red brick facade, the defining character of this build that gives the house its moniker.