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The importance of having a Structural Warranty from the outset

Put a mark of quailty on your self-build

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Undertaking a self-build may be a daunting process. After the initial excitement of creating your dream home, how do you ensure that your new construction is structurally safe?

By having a Structural Warranty in place from the outset, you are financially covered for any defects that may arise further down the line, due to defective materials or shoddy workmanship, or if contractors or builders become insolvent at any point.

It is an insurance policy that covers the cost of repairing structural defects in a new build property, a conversion, or a renovation, providing peace of mind to homeowners. It is also a mortgage lender requirement and without a Structural Warranty in place, you may not be able to lend money against the property or remortgage against it.

The specialist team at ABC + Warranty can also provide a Structural Warranty for completed properties, or ongoing projects if you appoint them partway through construction.

Award- winning, ABC+ Warranty offers both a 10-year/12-year Structural Warranty and a 6-year/10-year Professional Consultants Certificates (PCC) (as an alternative to a 10-year Structural Warranty with the option to upgrade from a PCC to a 10-year Structural Warranty later, if necessary).

Originally established in 1989, ABC+ Warranty has almost 35 years of experience and they guarantee to beat any other genuine quotation. They also offer flexible payment options and a specialist lending facility, with the ability to integrate Structural Warranty or PCC costs into your lending requirements.


Whether you require a standard Structural Warranty for a residential or commercial building, or something more bespoke like a conversion or custom build, award-winning ABC+ Warranty caters for all your needs. There are a range of policy types including:

  • New build warranty
  • Self-build structural warranty
  • Completed house warranty
  • Barn conversion warranty
  • Build-to-rent structural warranty
  • Commercial property warranty
  • Social housing warranty

Developer Financing

ABC+ Warranty also offers developer financing – an essential aspect of successful project development.

Development Finance is a specialised financial service that provides developers with the necessary capital to initiate progress and complete their planned projects.

As a partnership between developers and financial institutions, it ensures that funding is readily available for every stage of development. Acknowledging the unique challenges that developers face, this form of Property Finance provides a tailored solution to help them overcome financial hurdles.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible Funding OptionsDeveloper Financing offers a range of flexible funding options to suit various project requirements. Whether you need capital for land acquisition, construction, or the final stages of development, Property Development Funding can be customised to fit your specific needs.
  • Mitigating Risks – One of the significant advantages of Property Developer Finance is its ability to mitigate risks associated with project development. By providing a stable source of funding, developers can weather unexpected costs, delays, or market fluctuations without jeopardising the project’s success.
  • Enhanced project Viability – With access to ample financing for development, developers can focus on realising their vision without compromising on quality or scale. This leads to projects that not only meet, but often exceed market expectations – ultimately enhancing their long-term visibility.
  • Accelerated Project Timeline Residential Development Finance can expedite project timelines by ensuring that the necessary resources are available when needed. This can be a game-changer in the competitive world of real estate development, allowing developers to bring their projects to market sooner.
  • Tailored Repayment Structures – Unlike traditional loans, Property Development Loans offer repayment structures that align with the cash flow of the project. This flexibility ensures that developers aren’t burdened with unmanageable debt and can focus on achieving their project milestones instead.
  • Expert Guidance – Financial institutions specialising in this type of financing understand the unique challenges that developers face, so a Development Finance Broker can use their industry expertise to provide valuable insights and advice throughout the project’s lifecycle.


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