Look inside this charred timber self-build in Wiltshire

Building on a site with challenges to overcome, this modern barn-style property is a thoughtful response to a client's brief.

By Hugh Metcalf | 7 January 2020

Situated in the rear garden of the owners’ orthodontist practice, this build overcame numerous site challenges to provide a problem-solving new home.

footprint architects dentists house photography by alex campbell - granddesigns

Image: Alex Campbell, alexcampbellphotography.co.uk 

When the clients, owners of an orthodontist practice in Wiltshire, first approached Footprint Architects, they were looking to extend their existing business space, which contained the family home as residential space above.

However, dreams of one day building a self-contained home on the site came to the fruition under the architects’ guidance instead, meaning they would soon embark on the ambitious build of this three-bedroom home.

Garden build

footprint architects charred timber house - exterior shot in garden - alex campbell photography - granddesigns

Image: Alex Campbell 

The site had some issues to contend with – not only is it in a local conservation area, it’s located on a flood plain, in an area of archaeological interest and on a site with numerous tree preservation orders.

The design of the building tackled each of these issues – the building is set back from the tree canopy; the elevated ground floor with ramps and terracing counteracts potential flood risks; while the two-storey building apes the concept of ancilliary barn dwellings to offer a sensitive exterior solution for a new build in the conservation area.