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What urban flight means for the property market

The rising price of coastal homes opens up an investment opportunity

Promotional Feature By Jennifer Turner |

With many think tanks linking the rise in rural and coastal property prices to urban flight and the pandemic, we look at whether it might be time to invest in the right kind of property…

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The new normal

The past year has led to dramatic changes on many fronts. One of the biggest shifts during the pandemic has been the enforced move to working from home or working remotely. This has sped up a trend that was already being seen across the UK, with more and more people choosing to work away from the office where possible. Much of this flexibility will stay in place, with estimates that some 25 to 30% of the workforce will be working from home by the end of 2021.

One of the side effects of this has been a ‘search for space’, with people realising they need more room in their lives. This, in turn, has seen a spike in property values in non-urban areas, with prices rising faster in coastal and rural spots than in towns and cities.

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Image: Acorn

Escaping the city

In addition to needing extra space for home offices, people are also realising they don’t have to be tied to the city, which has also boosted prices in less built-up spots. Places like Cornwall have seen increasing demand, something that Acorn Property Group have been aware of for a while.

Acorn are an independent, progressive developer who have been specialising in new builds and refurbishments in the south-west since 1995. With a focus on developments in coastal areas and those closer to the countryside, they’re in prime position to watch the way the market is behaving.

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Investing in urban flight

With their aim of providing the best possible low-carbon housing, Acorn are offering the opportunity to invest in in their sustainable, environmentally-friendly projects. Their experienced management team will help you get the most out of any investment with a flexible rate of returns.

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There has never been a better time to invest in ‘urban flight’, with the push to acquire homes close to the coast and in more serene areas set to continue. Acorn’s track record speaks for itself, but you can learn more and do your due diligence by downloading their guide for free to see how you can invest in a residential-focused housebuilder set to make the most of how the world has changed.

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