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Protect your home with a structural warranty

The home insurance that provides peace of mind during a self build or renovation

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For self builders and developers, warranty insurance comes right at the start, before a spade hits the soil. In fact, a structural warranty covering potential defects in the building works is vital. This isn’t just for your own peace of mind but acts as future protection if you decide to sell (the warranty certificate is transferable to each subsequent buyer within 10 years of completed works).

Does my project need a structural warranty?

Although UK planning and building law doesn’t require a structural warranty, most lenders will expect one before they’ll sign off on a mortgage. It can be extremely difficult to sell a house that’s under 10 years old without one. If you’re just adding an extension to an existing property then you might not need this type of home insurance, especially if the property is more than 10 years old. But you’ll still need to comply with Building Regulations and your project may need planning permission.

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How will a structural warranty protect me?

Once you have a certificate in place, you can relax. This type of warranty insurance policy will protect you during the first 10 years after completion of your home. The ABC+ 10 Year Structural Warranty Certificate provides cover against structural defects that are down to poor workmanship or construction materials that fail. You’ll also be protected from costs due to water damage or drainage, insolvency of the developer, contaminated land or removal of debris. Alternative accommodation costs are also included.

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How does a structural warranty work?

When you buy a structural warranty the warranty provider’s inspector will usually carry out scheduled checks of the build. These checks can be done at different stages. They are usually carried out during the laying of the foundations, then during the building of the main structure. The next checks will be at the pre-felt and batten stage of the roof. Expect another check before the interior walls are plastered and finally at completion of the project. The inspectors will be looking for any signs of degradation (such as cracks in the walls or structural issues with the foundation) to ensure the structure will be safe.

ABC+ Warranty provides structural warranties for new builds and renovations

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A flexible solution

Depending on your project and the insurance cover you need, ABC+ provides a 10 or 12 Year Structural Warranty. There’s also a half price alternative, the 6 Year CML, known as the UK Finance Professional Consultants Certificate. This is accepted by most banks and building societies. If a particular lender or purchaser prefers, ABC+ Warranty simply upgrades that property to the ABC+ 10 Year Structural Warranty Certificate. But you – or your lender – may prefer a structural warranty in place from the outset of initial works.

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When do I apply?

It’s best to investigate options for a structural warranty at the outset of your project. If appointed part way through the project, the inspectors won’t be able to look at key areas of the construction, so the warranty insurance policy could cost significantly more.

Tried and trusted

With ABC+ Warranty Approved Building Certificates and Warranties, you’re in safe hands. ABC+ Warranty is the only Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors (RICS) registered structural warranty company in the UK. The company has over 30 years’ experience in structural warranties and has just received an accolade at Greater Manchester Business Awards 2021.

ABC+ Warranty guarantees to beat any other genuine quotation from other providers. For further information or to obtain a quote, call 0161 928 8804 or visit ABC+ Warranty.