Prefabricated houses


Fast, flexible and fuss free

A wide variety of designs can be created with prefabricated houses from Baufritz

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No two self-builders are alike, so it stands to reason that your home should also express your unique personality. If you feel that prefabricated houses can’t provide this level of design freedom, Baufritz clients will happily put you right.

They’ve experienced all the benefits of individual design from this prominent German house builder, along with a fixed price, agreed time scales and excellent build quality.

Just how flexible are Baufritz designs?

Baufritz homes might start with generic building blocks, but the layout, configuration and finishes are completely bespoke. There’s virtually no limit to the design options.

And since you make all the decisions for the layout, building finishes and internal fittings upfront, the energy efficient eco-house can be factory-built and is then assembled on your plot in a matter of days.

A modern house

It might surprise you that Baufritz will build you a completely original home that shows off the latest architectural styles.

What’s more, you can pick and choose various elements from different periods and styles to put together a unique house. For example, prefabricated houses can feature a wraparound patio or an offset, mono-pitched roof.

Select a Bauhaus design

In the celebrated Bauhaus design movement, form follows function. Choose a Baufritz home inspired by the clean lines pioneered by Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus school and you can count on a timeless, simple design.

These prefabricated houses have a distinctive look, thanks to a cubic form and characteristic flat roof. Plan out your home on several levels with large glass façades and open-plan, light-flooded rooms.

City dwellers

Perhaps you’re considering a plot in town for your new home. Whether you are replacing a large but time-worn house or making the most of an infill plot, Baufritz architects will come up with a solution.

Expect a Scandi-style home with a large living area and modern light-filled open rooms on a square floorplan. Prefabricated houses from Baufritz are centred on creating a healthy living environment. Despite being in town, your eco home is designed to supply healthy air.

A return to nature

If it’s your dream to come home to a peaceful countryside setting, simply decide whether a manor house or cosy cottage is more to your liking and budget. Prefabricated houses are suited to either – and anything in between. You could evoke the charm of a traditional home with a timber façade and a gabled roof.

Not only do these roofs allow rain to run off easily, they require little maintenance. Plus they can accommodate dormers for that quintessential country look. By dividing up the floor plan to include a welcoming entrance hall, a fireside room, study or even a yoga room you’ll emphasise the country character of the house.

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