4 of the best TED Talks about homes and architecture

These TED Talks by world globally revered architects are the perfect way to wile away a few spare minutes.

By Hugh Metcalf | 31 March 2020

If your Netflix queue is empty and you’re searching for something to watch, why not look in the TED Talks archives for some inspirational talks from world class architects?

ted talk main image - self build homes - grand designs

Image: TED Talk

Whether you have a passion for talking architecture, or just seeing beautiful houses, Grand Designs is a great start for getting your architectural fix. But what to do after you’ve binge-watched every episode?

There’s plenty of inspiring content out there, but for a quick, interesting watch, how about looking through the TED Talks back catalogue.

Here are some brilliant speakers on homes and architecture to start you off.

David Rockwell 

American architect David Rockwell wants you to know that stairs aren’t just about going up, down or getting from A to B, they’re crucial to the feeling of movement and emotion of a space.