How to upgrade the exterior of your home

Turn a tired facade into a standout feature with these refurbishment and renovation ideas.

By Kunle Barker | 1 May 2020

Level up your home’s kerb appeal with a few of these façade-deep refreshes.

Snug Architects exterior renovation Bruce Hemming Photography - grand designs

Image: Snug Architects used standing seam zinc on the exterior renovation of this property. Photo: Bruce Hemming

From the outside, your home may be far from your dream Grand Design, but it may not requires major renovations or self building your own home to reach your exterior goals. Whether it’s simple repairs and refreshes, or quick changes to elevate your home with a new look, both the front and back of your house can benefit from a little careful thought and planning.

Bear in mind that external works may call for planning consent. If it’s a listed building you will have to work under Listed Building Consent, or if you are in a conservation area you will need a discretionary grant from your local planning authority to carry out external works. If you are uncertain of the requirements, speak to your local council, as projects carried out without the proper permissions can be subject to enforcement notices compelling you to correct unauthorised works.


cdms architects rear property bricks in need of repointing - grand designs

Image: Brickwork should last between 70 and 100 years before needing repointing again. Photo: CDMS Architects 

Period brickwork can use a beauty treatment to tackle wear, dirt and water-damage every so often to conserve its heritage good looks. Professional chemical cleaning will return bricks to their original splendour, and repointing (replacing the cement between the bricks) can improve the look of walls and make them more resistant to damp and leaks.