Home Renovation: 10 steps to success

Ensure your project comes in on time, in budget and is everything you hoped it would be, with Kunle Barker's step by step guide.

By Jenny Mcfarlane | 11 June 2019

Ensure your project comes in on time, in budget and is everything you hoped it would be.

extension on a victorian terrace, photo by matt chisnall

Image: Matt Chisnall

Property Expert, Journalist & TV presenter Kunle Barker shares his step by step guide to a successful renovation.

Take your time

Planning your project well in advance of the construction work will help ensure everything runs smoothly. ‘Pre-construction is the time to make as many decisions as possible,’ says Wessley Johnson, managing director at IH Flagship.

Elements to consider and confirm include: your budget; hiring a project team; approving the design and layout; submitting a planning application (if required); choosing materials and even the interior design elements, such as the colour schemes. Take as much time as you need at this stage and avoid making decisions later in the process, which will almost certainly extend the project completion date and incur extra costs.

Hire an architect

Hire an architect Whether you need an architect, and the precise nature of their role on your renovation, will depend on the scale and complexity of the project. In most cases, at the very least, it’s worth consulting with a professional who has experience of working on a similar build.

‘An architect will add value in many different ways,’ say Linda Stevens, head of client services at RIBA.

‘They will make the best use of your space, help choose a builder, manage planning applications, select materials and get the best prices from your supply chain.’ Use RIBA’s online architect search feature to find a practice in your area.