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Surface attraction

Microcement is stealing a march on polished concrete, and with good reason

By Caroline Rodrigues |

Could microcement be getting the better of polished concrete? Just like concrete, it has that contemporary, architectural vibe. It’s versatile too – easier to install than concrete and suitable for walls and other surfaces as well as flooring. Before making the decision for your Grand Designs project, dive into the detail on microcement.

An expert solution
Though polished concrete has soared in popularity, it isn’t suitable for every project as Lazenby, the expert in polished concrete flooring, knows all too well. A welcome alternative is Lazenby MicroLux. This bespoke microcement is a naturally waterproof, quartz based, eco resin surface. ‘MicroLux is durable, versatile and delivers great looking, long lasting, ambitious surface designs for any project,’ says Ben Young, Sales Manager for Lazenby.

What is microcement?
Made from a mix of cement powder and resin, with additions such as quartz, microcement is a thin coating, trowel-applied in several thin layers to a hard surface.  The eco resin formulation of MicroLux is low in VOCs and it is 100% waterproof even before a sealant is applied.

Lightweight advantage

Since it has a slim 3mm profile and lightweight structure, Lazenby MicroLux is easy to install, even in high level apartments. A big plus of microcement is that it doesn’t require expansion joints, nor the heavy equipment used when laying concrete floors. It can be installed on top of suitable existing floors and the drying time can be up to four times faster than for polished concrete.

Where can I use it?

With its mottled appearance, MicroLux microcement aims to mimic the look of a full depth polished concrete floor. But that’s not its only use; consider it for vertical surfaces, too. It can be applied to walls, countertops and wet room surfaces, in fact in any room you care to use it.

Architectural finish
Let your imagination guide you towards an inspirational design. Seamless floors and walls without grout lines are possible and MicroLux  can be moulded to any design concept and colour matched to Lazenby’s polished concrete, or mixed to a bespoke shade. Lazenby has a variety of sealants to give either a matt, satin or gloss finish.

Tough customer
A MicroLux concrete-style surface can take anything life throws at it. This microcement is stain proof, scratch resistant and 100% waterproof. It opens up a world of possibilities for bathrooms and wet rooms without the need for resealing.

Find out more

The highly skilled installation staff at Lazenby ensure that every MicroLux microcement surface looks as close to polished concrete as possible. Find out more online at Lazenby or call 01935 700 306 to discuss ideas for your project.