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Vital kitchen space makers

Show off favourite things and still maintain a sleek design - clever kitchen storage offers countless solutions

By Caroline Rodrigues |

We’re all in favour of space-enhancing solutions. And that certainly applies to kitchen storage, whether you’re replacing a tired, impractical design or planning a Grand Designs-style new build. From bi-fold doors on cabinets to open shelving and cupboard dividers, there’s a way to make storage appear intentional – without having to chuck out all your favourite things.

Right thing, right place

If you’ve ever had to ‘scurryfunge’ – an outdated term for hastily tidying when a visitor unexpectedly turns up – you’ll know the importance of having a place for everything. Kitchen storage solutions from Masterclass Kitchens can bring poise to your room, and still leave space for all the little luxuries. After all, there’s no need to become a minimalist when space-efficient furniture creates a beautiful and organised kitchen.

Opening up

Have you ever noticed that two people can own the same amount of stuff but one person’s room looks well staged, while the other’s looks like a bomb site? Organisation is the key to success. Sturdy Masterclass open shelving will turn worktop clutter into a showpiece. Made-to-order shelves enable you to transform a nook, whatever its size, into an attractive kitchen storage feature. They come in Portland Oak and Tuscan Walnut to complement both light and dark kitchens.

Expand your ideas

There are endless opportunities to get creative with shelving. You could add a slim wine rack above wall units, fit modular shelving between the worktop and wall units, or incorporate shelves in an island. Alternatively, consider creating an alcove desk with shelves or a media wall.

Bi-fold cabinet doors

Kitchen designers are well aware of the potential for cabinet doors to inflict damage when opening into a walkway or against other furniture. To overcome that challenge Masterclass has a selection of bi-fold cabinet doors for base, wall, tall and corner cabinets. Serving as both a design statement and a practical addition, they give you scope for positioning cabinets without having to worry about one door bashing into another. The doors are available in the full range of Masterclass colours, to suit every decorative scheme.

Perfect hideaway

Seldom exposed to guests but just as vital as other kitchen storage furniture is the utility cupboard. Often, these cupboards are messy simply because they contain just a few large compartments. Optimise a full-height larder unit with a Masterclass utility cupboard divider and you can better organise your cleaning supplies. This will make them easy to access and easy to tuck away after use. Available in 500mm and 600mm widths and two colours – Portland Oak and Tuscan Walnut – these dividers offer a tall space for ironing board storage and smaller cubby holes for laundry room supplies. They’re ideal for streamlining your household chores.

Let Masterclass help

Updating your kitchen to include space-saving solutions takes some thought and planning. It’s far better to get these kitchen storage ideas baked into the design at the earliest stage. For advice on planning your kitchen remodel simply find your nearest Masterclass showroom and book a consultation. Or, if you just want more inspiration, become a Masterclass Kitchens Insider for free. As a subscriber, you’ll get exclusive design tips and guides to help you create the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle.