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Home heating, future-proofed

Stay warm with the right heat pump, boiler or hybrid solution.

By Caroline Rodrigues |

Grand Designers are among the keenest when it comes to checking out the latest effective home heating solutions. And that’s where Worcester Bosch can help. With a range of boilers, heat pumps and hybrid products to select from, there’s something to suit every home, from the smallest renovation project to the grandest of new-build houses.

Why choose a heat pump?

Heat pumps have caught on fast as a future-proofing method. It’s hardly surprising, since they are leading the way to lower carbon emissions and more responsible home heating. Though heat pumps can collect energy from the ground or a water source, an air source heat pump is the easiest type to include in a home heating project. Powered by a small amount of electricity, the pump works by transferring heat from outdoor air into energy to provide heat and hot water for your home.

A weatherproof choice
Purpose-built to suit UK homes and our typical weather, the CS5800i air to water heat pump from Worcester Bosch is a responsible and energy efficient way to stay warm, wherever you live. Worcester Bosch’s quietest heat pump ever, the CS5800i has been awarded Quiet Mark status. Some heating solutions can seem intrusive, but this sleek, compact, outdoor unit has been designed to look good in your garden.

Which boiler is right for me?

If you’re on the hunt for a combi boiler, it makes sense to choose a winner. The Greenstar 8000 Style combi boiler is top of the award-winning Greenstar boiler range from Worcester Bosch and has Best Buy status from Which?. Its sleek, innovative design in high gloss black or white won’t look out of place in the smartest of homes. Supplied with an easy-to-use full colour screen, this powerful boiler comes with great wireless connectivity, smart controls and has a 12 year guarantee (T&Cs apply). The Greenstar Style range is perfect for homes of any size, with power outputs up to 50kW, to comfortably heat large homes with two or more bathrooms.

Do I need a hybrid system?

A hybrid heating and hot water system can be your flexible friend, providing a low-carbon option for home heating. These heating and hot water systems combine two or more technologies, generating heat together. Hybrid systems typically consist of a gas or oil boiler and an air to water heat pump. The heat pump should generate heat for 70-80% of the time and, during colder months, the boiler acts as a top-up, giving all year-round comfort.

Home renovations
Since hybrid systems are more flexible than standalone heat pumps they’re suitable for a wider variety of property types. They can be a great option for less thermally efficient homes, such as period properties – worth considering if you’re carrying out a renovation or upgrading your heating system. The good news is that you achieve carbon savings immediately while giving yourself a longer period to improve the fabric of your property.

Find out more
Learn more about home heating systems and the options that are right for you online at Worcester Bosch.