A ruined building given a new purpose

How a contemporary extension was built amongst the ruins of an old parchment factory.

By Hugh Metcalf | 22 October 2020

Extending a four-bed Victorian home was an exciting challenge for architect Will Gamble. His design for the extension is a contemporary structure of Corten steel, oak, reclaimed brick and glass. But perhaps its most striking feature is that it stands within the masonry walls of a ruined building, once a parchment factory.

Rear exterior view of a Corten steel and glass extension nestled inside the ruined walls of an old factory

The extension is within the ruined walls. Photo: Johan Dehlin

This seems to be part architecture, part archaeology…

‘The site was full of rubble from demolished outbuildings. Only a section of the factory was still standing. It was overgrown with weeds and some of it was structurally unsafe. Even so, I could see the potential. The ruined building told a story of its past, which was architecturally intriguing.’