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Boost light and space with streamlined aluminium roof lanterns

Sustainable and secure, aluminium roof lanterns offer many benefits

Promotional Feature By Alice Butler |

Choosing the right roof lanterns for your home can be tricky. A high-quality roof lantern will flood your space with natural light, but what kind should you go for? Whether you’re self-building, extending or renovating, Grand Designs magazine takes a look at the many benefits aluminium roof lanterns can bring to your property.

Exterior of a flat contemporary roof with an aluminium roof lantern

Photo: Sheerline

Maximise light

Roof lanterns are the most effective way to bathe a space in uplifting, natural light. They’re an ideal solution for brightening up a gloomy room when exterior walls aren’t available. Moreover, the slim, crisp and ultra-low lines of modern aluminium roof lanterns, such as the S1 lantern from Sheerline, maximise the available light while creating a sleek understated focal point in your scheme.

Interior of a modern kitchen with white walls, oak handleless units and an aluminium roof lantern

Photo: Sheerline

In fact, roof lanterns are an effortless way to add ‘wow’ factor to any period of architecture. Sheerline aluminium roof lanterns, for example, come in a choice of 10 styles from the more contemporary square pyramid shapes to the classic and elegant orangery-style installations. Want to infuse a touch of atmospheric mood lighting? Sheerline’s S1 lanterns also accommodate integrated LED lights for a unique touch when the sun goes down.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a roof lantern to complement your décor. Sheerline’s S1 is available in three standard powder-coated colours – pure white, anthracite grey and jet black. Or choose from an adaptable spectrum of bespoke shades that will either slot in seamlessly with your scheme or inject a vibrant pop of colour.

Interior of a contemporary living room with white walls and floors, a grey rug and aluminium roof lantern with LED lighting

Photo: Sheerline

Boost security

For peace of mind, aluminium roof lanterns offer maximum security. In fact, Sheerline’s S1 is the UK’s most secure roof lantern. The innovative construction of the S1 system eliminates the security weakness of traditional lantern designs, offering homeowners and their families the best possible protection. S1 lanterns include a range of high-security features such as anti-tamper screws and glazing, a glass lock and an ultra-secure ridge end that ensure that there isn’t an easy way in to your property via your flat roof lantern.

Close-up of an aluminium pyramid roof lantern

Photo: Sheerline

Sustainable qualities

Modern roof lanterns are energy efficient. Streamlined aluminium designs are also incredibly cost-effective and sustainable. To keep your property well-insulated against the British weather and your heating bills affordable, the S1 aluminium lantern by Sheerline is exceptionally thermally efficient. Thanks to a patented Thermlock® multi-chamber technology and high-performance 28mm glazing it offers class-leading thermal performance – far superior to traditional polyamide systems.

Cross section of an aluminium roof lantern frame to show the thermal ridge

Looking for eco-friendly roof lanterns? Aluminium is one of the most recycled and abundant metals on the planet. In addition, all Sheerline aluminium products are manufactured in Derbyshire in the UK using a state-of-the-art energy-efficient press, minimising their carbon footprint.

Stylish, secure and sustainable… If you’re looking for a light-boosting solution for your property, the S1 is the ultimate next-generation aluminium roof lantern.

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