Why an open-plan kitchen design can improve your wellbeing

Choosing a kitchen design which opens out into an outdoor space can improve your way of life.

By Paula Woods | 4 June 2020

A well-planned kitchen that opens up to a glorious outdoor space is a route to relaxed living.

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Image: Kitchen Architecture 

Whether a new-build or renovation, a spacious, light-filled, multifunctional kitchen, with direct links to the garden via banks of glazing, can enhance the way you enjoy your home.

What are the rules?

Providing your home hasn’t been extended in the past, is not in a conservation area or listed, a single-storey extension is often achievable under permitted development rules. You can extend at the rear of a detached house by up to eight metres, and four in a semi-detached or terraced home, but neighbours have the right to object if they feel they’re affected with regard to light and privacy.

Overdevelopment of the garden area should also be avoided and not exceed 50 per cent if PD approval is required. You may be able to consider a gardenfriendly alternative.