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space-saving kitchen ideas - open shelving

6 space-saving kitchen ideas

Layout and storage solutions to get your room organised without it looking cluttered

Promotional Feature By Staff writer | 8 February 2022

No matter how big or small your home, space-saving kitchen ideas are always welcome. Lack of space may feel like an obstacle when planning a small kitchen, but this needn’t be the case. After all, even sizeable rooms can feel cluttered and messy without the right space-saving solutions in place.

So, instead of compromising on style and quality, deck out your cabinets and maximise your storage efficiency with these clever kitchen hacks. Perfect for modern and classic schemes alike, these six space-saving kitchen ideas will make it feel like you’ve doubled your square footage.

1. Space-saving kitchen seating

Nothing eats up precious kitchen space quite like a table and chairs set. Luckily, there are many other space-saving kitchen seating options, like the cosy breakfast nook below.

space saving kitchen ideas: cosy breakfast nook with storage bench in kitchen-diner

Photo: Sigma 3 Kitchens

Instead of allowing seating to hinder the bright open feel of this shaker kitchen, the designer created a banquette to sit neatly in otherwise wasted corner space. What’s more, the hollow bench allows for additional storage underneath – bonus!

If you have a kitchen island, save space by asking your kitchen designer to indent the island’s work surface and place bar stools underneath.

kitchen island with orange bar stools used as breakfast bar

Photo: Owen Williams Kitchens

2. Corner storage

A corner pantry is another space-saving idea that puts corner space to great use. This practical alternative to larger walk-in pantries is perfect for kitchens of all sizes and allows for easy organisation of all your bits and bobs. Hang a spice rack or even a utensil rack on the interior door to maximise your pantry further.

3. Space-saving shelving

No pantry? No problem. Instead, use open shelving to house your most frequently used pantry staples in pretty jars and canisters and display them on open shelving.

Not only will this create a homely, eye-catching display, but it will also free up cabinet space for lesser-used items.

We recommend this space-saving kitchen idea for smaller kitchens. Replacing cabinets with open shelving will open up the space and make the kitchen feel less cramped.

kitchen storage shelves with kilner jars and matching tea caddy and mug set

Photo: Paul Craig

4. Custom kitchen cabinets

If you’re looking to free up countertops, take inspiration from the custom cabinet below. Although the kitchen was generous in size, the owners found that their bulky coffee machine was taking up too much workspace and hindered the clean design of their open-plan space.

So, their kitchen designer created a custom cabinet with a coffee station providing the couple with a designated coffee making spot and freeing up worktops.

5. Pull-out storage

Pull-out kitchen larders are a firm favourite when it comes to space-saving kitchen solutions because they can be tailored to fit in even the tightest of spaces.

If your kitchen has a kitchen island, you could incorporate a base pull-out larder for storage, freeing up cabinet space and making the most of otherwise wasted island space.

pull out kitchen larders are a great kitchen storage solution

Photo: Tu Mewn

6. Integrated waste solutions

The kitchen accumulates more waste than anywhere else in the home, and the abundance of recycling bags and ugly bins can often present a space-eating eyesore.

Tuck your waste out of sight with a pull-out integrated bin to avoid this. Not only will this free up floor space, but it will also save you the hassle of finding a waste bin that works well with the design of your kitchen and have a dedicated spot for bin bags and cleaning products.

space saving kitchen ideas: a pull out bin in a kitchen is a great way to keep it clutter free

Photo: Tu Mewn