Grand Designs Live Birmingham is set to kick off on 9th October 2019. We take a look at their brand new Innovation trail and what exciting new companies you'll encounter along the way.

kevin mccloud looking and touching lighting at his green heroes at grand designs live

Image: David Thrower Photography

Making it easier for visitors to find the most innovative products for all aspect for the home, The Innovation Trail at 2019's Grand Designs Live Birmingham is comprised of of 10 ground-breaking brands that are changing the landscape and nature of home building and renovation.

From cutting edge designs, eco innovations to exciting new product launches, we've rounded up a quick guide to give you an insight into some of the most innovative products, brands and services that you can find along the trail.

Built & Spaces

Built Spaces house self build in black

Image: Built & Spaces

Modern Method of Construction (MMC) specialists Built & Spaces will showcase their innovative, adaptable and sustainable approach to construction through a 200 square-metre interactive space that has been custom created for Grand Designs Live.


milk Bottle House by small. showcasing at Grand Designs Live Birmingham

Image: small. (Six Miles Across London)

small.® will be debuting the world's first milk-BottleHouse®, which is a temporary shelter made out of recycled bottles and bamboo, to help tackle the issue of plastic waste, which is the kind of green-minded and design friendly innovation that Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs choose to champion. 

Graven Hill

Graven Hill self build houses in Bicester

Image: Graven Hill 

Discover the self and custom-build opportunities available at the UK’s largest self-build plot in Bicester and be the on the way to finding your new dream home. Graven Hill’s Plot Shop is a pioneering advance in the self-build industry, making it easier and more affordable for aspiring self-builders to get the land they need to get started. Don't just take our word for it - take a look at the Grand Designs: The Street pioneers for yourself. 

Kevin's Green Heroes

kevin mccloud looking and touching lighting at his green heroes at grand designs live

Image: David Thrower Photography

Celebrating the best conceptual and eco-friendly construction ideas, from small-scale start-ups to big businesses setting a green example for the rest of the industry, Kevin's Green Heroes are sure to give you food for thought.

Green & Blue

Green and blue recycled product with holes for bees

Image: Green & Blue 

Made with recycled materials and inventive methods, Green&Blue design innovative and award-winning ranges of products for wildlife, including nesting, resting and feeding spaces for birds, bats, and bees. 

Composite Garden Buildings

Composite Garden Buildings conservatory or outdoor room

Image: Composite Garden Buildings

Composite Garden Buildings create high-performance, low maintenance garden rooms. Their use of composite wood means that insulation is built in allowing you to utilise your garden space all year round. Beautiful finishes to the composite looks and feels just like real timber; with just a fraction of the maintenance, while build time is a mere 2-3 days with no finishing required.


grey modern kitchen by smarthaus

Image: Smarthaus

Smarthaus specialises in creating beautiful, practical and innovative contemporary German kitchens. Using the latest products, cutting edge design, excellent service across designs and installation, combined with reasonable prices (starting from £15,000), Smarthhaus is a revelation for those looking to renovate.

Make a beeline for the thermo-formed (curved) quartz Kitchen Island; the showstopping creation is the result of cutting-edge developments in quartz fabrication techniques. 


BORA cooker with extractor fan under the pots

Image: BORA

Bora's innovative cooktop extractors stop cooking vapours and odours from rising by extracting them from the place they are created. Using a modular system with maximum flexibility and individuality, they exude a minimalist look which blends seamlessly into the modern kitchen.


lutron home lighting control and wireless blind control in a home

Image: Lutron 

Lutron RA2 Select is a new whole wireless home lighting control solution, allowing personalised smart lighting and blind control for any home and any budget.

Jigsaw Solutions

jigsaw nanotech carbon heating mats by Jigsaw Infrared Heating being made

Image: Jigsaw Solutions

Jigsaw Solutions' ultra-thin (0.48mm) graphite Nanotech Carbon heating mats can be installed easily; virtually vanishing under the floor, behind the wallpaper or ceiling.


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