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Bigger, better and greener than ever, Grand Designs Live raises plastic pollution awareness and shows you how to build more sustainable homes

plastic lighting - one of kevin mccloud's green heroes at grand designs live birmingham in October 2017  

Image: Aaron Scott Richards, Grand Designs Live

The award-winning Grand Designs Live hosted by Kevin McCloud is back, bigger, better and greener than ever as show organisers place a ban on all single-use plastic at the event. From the 5th - 13th May 2018, the Grand Designs Live team will roll out their plastic free campaign in a bid to raise awareness about plastic pollution, encouraging visitors to make simple and sustainable lifestyle choices.    

Alongside plastic cutlery, straws and bottles off limits, the campaign also aims to provide environmentally conscious self-builders with advice on how to construct an eco-friendly project.

If you're looking to lower your home's carbon footprint or you're undecided on which green products to use for your renovation project, here's the top five must-see eco-friendly attractions at Grand Designs Live. 

Learn how to embrace eco-ethos with Friends of the Earth

plastic bottles

Image: Pexels, Mali Maeder

Grand Designs Live has teamed up with venue holders ExCeL London to prohibit sales of plastic bottles and the distribution of plastic straws from all in-show catering points. Plastic cutlery and show goody bags will be replaced with biodegradable alternatives too.

The show's official charity partner, Friends of the Earth, will sell reusable bottles at the event and contribute to panel discussions on a variety of environmental issues, explaining how to make small changes that equal zero waste.

See Kevin McCloud's Green Heroes in action

grand designs live kevin mcclouds green heroes

Image: Aaron Scott Richards, Grand Designs Live

Each year Kevin McCloud chooses his Green Heroes, a celebration of the best conceptual and eco-friendly construction ideas in the industry.  Don't miss Kevin on stage with his past heroes on the Grand Theatre at 2pm on Wednesday 9th May 2018.

From small start-ups to big businesses, learn how each of their innovative, green products have benefitted their businesses since they were first discovered in their live demonstrations at 11am and 2pm everyday of the show.

Feast your eyes on Stella Corall's sustainable art installation 

stella corall sustainable art installation grand designs live london excel

Image: Grand Designs Live

Creative Artist, Stella Corall, will showcase her sustainable art installation in the Central Bar at Grand Designs Live this May. Using an array of recycled bottle tops and straws, Stella will reuse waste from London ExCeL which otherwise would have been tossed into landfill.

Let's talk about Plastic Surgery

green recycling bin filled with plastic bottles

Image: Friends of the Earth

Head down to the show on Wednesday 9th May where Kevin McCloud will chair a panel as they discuss how to reduce plastic pollution with Plastic Surgery.

Joined by Craig Bennett from Friends of the Earth, James Shaw of James Shaw Design, Vanessa Yuan of EcoBirdy, and Adam Fairweather of Smile Plastics who will debate how homeowners can design their properties with sustainability in mind, and how we can reverse the vicious cycle of single-use plastic. 

On Friday 11th May, Friends of The Earth will also offer advice visitors how to Detox the Air in Your Home while on Saturday 12th May, Kevin will host a panel discussion surrounding Sourcing Sustainably joined by Friends of the Earth and a host of salvage experts.

Get expert advice on buildling an eco-friendly and sustainable home

ask the experts area grand designs live

Image: Aaron Scott Richards

An opportunity not to be missed, booking an appoinment with an eco-expert is a fantastic chance to discuss your own grand design in a free 30-minute consultation. Make sure you bring your plans, drawings and budgets to get the most out of your session. 


What are thoughts on Grand Design Live's plastic free campaign? Let us know by tweeting @granddesignsmag or post a comment on our Facebook page


For more self build advice and up to the minute inspiration, make sure you book your tickets to Grand Designs Live London


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