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Medical grade air purifier from MedicAir

Medical grade air purifiers: breathe easy and protect your family

Your guide to providing the safest air quality at home

By Jennifer Turner | 26 April 2021


Indoor air pollution can be a serious threat to your wellbeing. Find out how you can keep your home healthy from the inside out with a medical grade air purifier.

Fresh air indoors

During the pandemic we’ve become more aware of the different ways we can reduce the spread of viruses. From social distancing to keeping surfaces super-clean, many of these measures have become second nature. However, another way we can keep viruses at bay and protect our health is by controlling the quality of air inside the home.

As we spend around 90 per cent of our time inside, breathing air that can be up to five times worse quality than that found outdoors, it’s important to ensure our indoor environment is hygienic and free of harmful bacteria. Contaminated air – whether caused by exhalation, talking or coughing – is common in many homes and can have a detrimental effect on health, leading to respiratory infection, lung cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

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Photo: MedicAir

Medical grade

MedicAir is a sophisticated purification system that boosts air quality at home. Thanks to its multi-stage filter process and powerful airflow, it removes invisible contaminants from the room and disperses clean air filtered for viruses and bacteria in only 30 minutes.

Providing surgical-grade air, MedicAir is widely used in thousands of leading healthcare facilities globally, including the NHS, has been independently tested by world-accredited labs. Quick, efficient and quiet, it’s even used in open-plan surgeries so you can be reassured that its state-of-the-art technology will leave your home virus-free.

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Sleek style

Available in understated black or white, MedicAir’s minimalist design means it will slot discretely into any home décor scheme.

It is also incredibly easy to use. Operated via touch screen, remote control or mobile app, the LCD displays everything from air quality levels to humidity and room temperature, while laser sensors monitor the air for contamination and swiftly re-establish a germ-free environment to protect your loved ones.

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Photo: MedicAir

To find out more about the benefits MedicAir can bring to your indoor air quality, please visit

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