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Bespoke doors: How to create a classic kitchen

Timeless doors for kitchens built for beauty

Promotional Feature By Alice Butler |

Bespoke has been the big theme in kitchens for over a decade now. People with the imagination and means to design their own homes want kitchens to do their vision justice. Don’t go off-the-peg, go off the beaten track…

Kitchen with cabinet doors in two colours white metro tiles

Photo: Multiwood

Bespoke or by-numbers?

The evolution of home design has seen a similar change in what kitchens are for. Where once they were the domain of whoever was doing the cooking, today they’re a social hub, a place for relaxation and socialising, often part of an open-plan design that flows throughout the home.

So, with this change in how kitchens function, it’s important to reflect that in what’s on offer to homeowners and designers. Rather than a tired, off-the-peg, one-size-fits-all approach, flexibility and quality need to be at the heart of the modern kitchen. With a made-to-measure kitchen, you can have a kitchen that is individually yours, that lets you live how you want to live.

shaker style kitchen with island dining table and chairs

Photo: Multiwood

Built to last

Multiwood is a family-run business who put heart, passion and creativity into all of their products. This leads to timeless timber kitchens manufactured both in the UK and in Italy, full of unusual finishes and textures, allowing you to express yourself in your kitchen.

kitchen with patterned cabinet doors integrated oven

Photo: Multiwood

Whether you’re a homeowner, architect, designer or independent kitchen company, Multiwood provide unrivalled service with family at the heart of what they do. They have the experience to know how people use their kitchens and what they want – beauty combined with functionality and robustness. Something that’s built to last but delivers in terms of day-to-day use and aesthetic impact.

Style and service

The secret of a bespoke kitchen is to start with a quality product, one that’s finished properly and designed not just for anyone, but for the particular customer. That means offering a rainbow of colours, so that people can pick the perfect palette rather than being led down a narrow, limited path of traditional hues.

kitchen with island with four stools and pendant lighting 1 copy

Photo: Multiwood

It also means making sure that service is paramount, which is why Multiwood has a specialist customer support team to respond to any queries or requests. They’ll find solutions in terms of size and shade, always going the extra mile. The end result is a kitchen that exceeds expectations and delights the owners.

Or, as Multiwood creator Doug Allan puts it: ‘Good kitchen design is not necessarily something that turns all concepts on their head. A good kitchen must quite simply stand there and invite you to use it.’