Get a window on the world with bespoke, beautiful doors


Increasingly, glazing isn’t just about warmth and security, it’s also about maximising the views from your home. The latest frameless products are big on sightlines, small on clutter, and completely open up your home…

Seats and a table inside a room looking out onto a garden

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Types of glazed glass products

There’s a world of glazing products out there, with doors, windows and more coming in a panoply of styles and materials, making various claims about soundproofing, heatproofing, U values and more.

But when you’re planning your own house, you need to cut to the chase – a product that is functional is fine, but even better if it  is aesthetically pleasing too. Frameless Glass Curtains specialise in windows, doors and balustrades that work for great and small and maximise the beauty of your home. Their double glazed frameless doors, for example, help to blur the lines between inside and outside, perfect if you have outdoor space or wonderful views.

open plan living area with view to patio

Image: Frameless Glass Curtains

Benefits of bespoke apex and gable windows

For a statement feature that really leads to an ‘open house’ feel, consider an apex or gable window. FGC can provide these in bespoke shapes and sizes, meaning they’ll work closely to your specifications to deliver the appearance you want – these are perfect for creating a real focal point in a home.

The same is true of frameless glass porches, which provide both a functional and decorative aspect that can really add to the aesthetics of your home’s front. Another way to do this is with a glass balcony enclosure, which provides security, style and undisturbed vistas from your balcony.

external covered dining area with frameless glazing

Image: Frameless Glass Curtains

The outside inside

Clever use of glass with minimal frames is one of the best flows to improve the flow of your home, meaning you’re not blocking off areas with opaque materials. That way, the natural light of outside can permeate everywhere you want it to. Frameless Internal Doors are one way to achieve this, extremely popular for en-suites and homes that want smooth transitions between rooms and zones.

glass doors leading to dining area and kitchen

 Image: Frameless Glass Curtains

Make the most of this look with glass balustrades on stairs and landings. With these, you’ll get a modern style but with the peace of mind that you and your family need courtesy of toughened safety glass.


How to contact Frameless Glass Curtains

To discover more about how frameless glass features can complement your home, contact Frameless Glass Curtains, a family run company that is proud of their patented product.

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