Weathertight sliding doors that are big on beauty and function


bedroom with full length windows and sliding doors leading to balcony

Image: Liz Eve / Fotohaus

When designing and building your dream home, doors and windows play a large part. We go inside – and outside – a new home in Surrey where its design makes the most of the countryside that surrounds it, doing so with perfect sliding doors and windows.

At one with the landscape

Jon and Louise Wood wanted their new home to make the most of the verdant countryside that surrounded it. Working closely with Stephen Marshall Architects, they developed a design that incorporated cedar wood cladding and local stone to blend in with the landscape.

The vital element, however, was utilising a lot of glass, and they called on the experts at Schüco to assist. As Stephen Marshall notes: 'Using glazing to merge a building with its surroundings is an effective technique we use often, and it has worked really well here.' The end result is a modern home that is still thoroughly in keeping with the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that surrounds it.

modern house with balconies and sliding doors lawn in front

Image: Liz Eve / Fotohaus

Rooms with a view

Schüco’s versatile range of doors and windows gave the Woods and their architect the flexibility they required to ensure there were views from every single room in the house. These elegant products come with minimal sight lines to maximise the vistas from floor-to-ceiling, while being easy and simple to operate.

By carefully considering their placement, it allowed the home to reflect the greenery outside, to let natural light pervade the building, and to give it an open feel, leading to a sense of space and creating a natural flow.

sitting room with sofas and table plus sliding doors leading to outdoor patio

Image: Liz Eve / Fotohaus

Lift and slide

In the end, the house used Schüco lift-and-slide doors throughout, meaning fantastic views and easy access to the outside both on the ground floor but also on the first floor balconies. They are designed with simplicity in mind, using precision-engineered stainless steel tracks and rollers that glide open with minimal effort. They don’t sacrifice in terms of thermal efficiency either, helping you to insulate your home and cut down on energy use. What’s more, the latest locking systems mean that security is also paramount.

wooden decked balcony area of 1st floor of home

Image: Liz Eve / Fotohaus

Jon Wood, Director of JPW Osprey, the cladding company that also worked on the project, didn’t hesitate to choose Schüco: 'I always recommend my clients invest in Schüco for its high quality and timeless design. I took my own advice and it proved to be the right choice. The house is warm and completely weathertight.'

white bathroom with freestanding bath next to sliding door and balcony

Image: Liz Eve / Fotohaus

Contact Schüco today to discuss their door and window systems and discover a world without walls.

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