Considering upgrading the fabric of your home? Take a look at this guide to the benefits of installing triple glazing


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Whether it’s as part of a new build or retrofitting your existing home, glazing is a key consideration. We take a look at the ins and outs of triple glazing…

Three is the magic number

Energy use is a very important factor in modern homes, with an increased emphasis on conserving energy, making homes more heat efficient and cutting energy bills. When designing a new home, or making improvements to your current one, you need to take a holistic approach to heat loss, and this means not just the walls and roof, but also the doors and windows. Triple glazing can make a great contribution to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

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Is triple glazing an improvement on double glazing?

More isn’t always better, but in the case of professionally-installed triple glazing it is. The extra layer of glass – and the inert gas between it and other pane – reduces the U value (thermal transmission, where the lower the rating the better) of the window significantly.  If you’re aiming for a Passivhaus low energy building, then quality triple glazing is essential. It is also looking like triple glazing will be a requirement in the Government’s Future Homes Standard, due to come into force in 2025..

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Is triple glazing worth the money?

An upgrade to triple glazing is an investment that will contribute to energy bill savings over the long term but will also make an immediate impact on the comfort of occupants, by eliminating that cold glazed surface and potential down draughts from the inner pane of the glazing - even in the coldest weather -   an important feature to many self-builders and architects.

The additional costs of triple glazing over double glazing are coming down all the time...

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Is triple glazing easy to install?

Whether you're retrofitting into an existing building or undertaking a selfbuild you’ll need to consider airtightness measures and minimising thermal bridging to ensure that your triple glazed windows work at their best.  This is why it’s vital to get good technical advice on window installation so that your window performs to its maximum ability. Green Building Store supplies and fits triple glazed timber and alu-clad windows and doors, with knowhow in both new and older buildings.

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Their comprehensive range includes Passivhaus certified  contemporary windows with narrow sightlines and low U values, as well as the more cost-effective Performance range. With an excellent reputation for customer service, get in touch to discuss the various options from colours to profile and take a great leap forward in making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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