Fresh, filtered air produced by a good quality home ventilation system can boost your family’s health.


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Whether you’re planning a new home from scratch or adapting your current place, professional ventilation design should be a key part of your thinking…

Why air quality matters

Many of us take fresh air for granted. We assume that opening a door or window is enough to ensure a steady supply of clean and healthy air. At the same time, homes are more efficient than ever, restricting airflow so we don’t lose heat through doors, windows, roofs and ceilings.

The end result of this can be a home that is inadequately ventilated, which leads to reduced oxygen but increased carbon dioxide, condensation, mould spores and other unwanted airborne visitors. If you don’t consider ventilation when building a new home or upgrading your current one, you might be ensuring your home is a sickness and illness breeding ground, while those with allergies will suffer.

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New homes need new air

Part of the reason for poor air quality in homes is that the building regulations that govern it are not only out of date, but they also only cover airflow requirements. This means many homes are built with inadequate ventilation – trickle vents, air bricks, natural leakage and underpowered bathroom and toilet extractor fans.

Modern homes are more complex than this and need a ventilation system that means you can clean, filtered air while retaining as much warmth as possible.

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Get the perfect package

There are numerous simple and affordable solutions available. Blauberg UK have a comprehensive range of low-cost design packages to help you make the right ventilation choices for your home.

You may want to simply upgrade your existing extractor fans to improve their performance in removing condensation. Alternatively, consider a whole house air extract solution, with expert advice on airflow, filtration and energy savings.

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You can introduce heat recovered, filtered air into individual rooms, or invest in a MVHR system, with the cost of the design package redeemed if you buy a Mechanical Extract Ventilation from Blauberg.

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To learn more, visit them online or on twitterfacebookInstagram or LinkedIn. Alternatively contact one of their approved installers.

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