Understand why upgrading your ventilation system should be an essential part of any home renovation. 


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You don’t have to move – you can improve. Here’s how you can upgrade your home and indoor air environment with a professional ventilation design…

A healthy home

Turning your current house into a dream home can be just as exciting as planning a new build, and upgrading your ventilation is an essential part of any renovation. However, when home improvements are made, the air quality in a home is often overlooked, leading to an unhealthy environment for your family to live in.

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Yes, it’s important to focus on the airtightness of your home but without adequate ventilation, reduced oxygen, increased CO2, mould spores, condensation and other airborne intruders will dramatically increase. Left unaddressed, your newly renovated home can quickly turn into a breeding ground for sickness and illness.

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A waste of breath

The Building Regulations in this area are over 10 years old and only advise the minimum airflow requirements, however they're soon to be revised. This often leads to underpowered, noisy extractor fans fitted in bathrooms and toilets with no real consideration for modern living.

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They also rely on air bricks, trickle vents and natural leakage to ventilate your home, all of which is completely removed when you insulate you house. Why spend all that money on heating your home and then simply throw it away?

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The right package for your home

Blauberg UK now offer low-cost design packages to ensure you make the right ventilation choices. Whether you want to simply upgrade your existing extractor fans, consider a whole house air extract solution, introduce heat recovered, filtered air into individual rooms, or invest in a MVHR system, Blauberg UK can provide a complete ventilation solution for your renovation project.

To breathe easier, visit them online or on twitterfacebookInstagram or LinkedIn. Alternatively contact one of their approved installers.

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