Wine cellar options to enhance your home


hallway area with black and white photos on wall and wine cellar in floor

Image: Spiral Cellars

Luxury wine storage is a wonderful way for lovers of the grape to add a statement feature to their homes. Take a look at gorgeous cellars and walk-in rooms that really deliver the ‘wow’ factor.

Grape expectations

For most homes, wine storage is restricted to a corner of the fridge, or a rack tucked away in the kitchen. But for wine lovers and those who collect and keep bottles, there are better options. Spiral Cellars are experienced specialists in wine storage who can add gorgeous underground cellars, wine walls and bespoke wine rooms to your home.

These all effortlessly combine form and function, delivering statement looks and the perfect means of storing wine correctly. The options they offer work for any kind of home, and the end result always adds the perfect finishing touch to your home’s aesthetics.

detail of spiral wine cellar with wine bottles

Image: Spiral Cellars

On cloud wine

There’s a reason Spiral Cellars have that name – they’ve been designing, crafting and installing underground spiral shaped wine cellars for over 40 years. Their cellars look stunning and can provide ideal storage conditions for up to 1,900 bottles of wine. There are three different depths for you to choose from, two cellar types and a host of doors that either conceal or reveal the wine stored beneath .

Installation aims to be as quick and non-intrusive as possible, and the nature of the Spiral Cellar means it can be fitted into any ground floor room – no cellar or basement is required. It’s also rare for planning permission to be needed. Simply choose where you want your cellar for maximum convenience and impact, and you’ll be rewarded with a talking point that is also a joy to use.

And for those looking to add a wine cellar as part of a larger build or extension project, it’s worth knowing that Spiral Cellars are available in KIT formats, so they can be installed by your existing build or construction team.

moodily lit room with wine storage and wine cellar in floor

Image: Spiral Cellars

The bottle line

While Spiral Cellars are mostly known for their underground cellars, they also offer a wine room design service. This allows you can take advantage of their cellaring knowledge and expertise to commission a bespoke wine room design, without also having to commit to their building and installing it for you.

The design service seeks to make the most of existing space to provide perfect wine storage with a design that is tailor made for your requirements and home. It’s the perfect solution if you already have your own build team in mind, as Spiral Cellars’ expert design team will provide the customer with all necessary specs and detailed technical plans for them to pass straight to a contractor for manufacture.

room with staircase leading upstairs and walk in wine storage

Image: Spiral Cellars

Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike are enhancing their homes with tailor-made, luxurious wine rooms and cellars. If you are looking to add the wow-factor to your own home, visit Spiral Cellars website, call them or 020 3815 3329 or email them atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

entrance hall of home with staircase and spiral wine cellar cut into floor

Image: Spiral Cellars

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