Whether you're self building or simply planning a kitchen or bathroom, the latest technology lets your tour your new space in virtual reality before your project begins. 

modern bathroom in black and gold with freestanding bath

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner undertaking a renovation or a self-builder planning a new room from scratch, there’s a certain amount of trepidation before taking the plunge on a new project. What if the room you get isn’t the one you envisaged? A solution is at hand…

Get a sneak peek

There is a lot to consider when you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation and not all of it will be immediately obvious. While choosing materials and picking out a colour scheme are aspects of the room’s design that are very much down to personal taste as much as anything, a lot of the more practical aspects can get overlooked in all the excitement.

By taking a look at what some of these elements are in advance using virtual reality, you can avoid having to have difficult conversations with your designer further into the project and ensure that the space you’re dreaming of works in reality.

man in suit wearing vr goggles in a bathroom

Image: Virtual Worlds


This is one of the most important elements of a room yet is so often left until late on in a project and is difficult to visualise when working with a 2D or even 3D drawing alone. A well-planned kitchen lighting scheme will set the mood for cooking, eating and entertaining while cleverly positioned lighting can make a small kitchen appear bigger, disguise awkward architecture or make up for poor natural light in a bathroom.

Using Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre you can experiment with a multitude of lighting options. Simply say ‘night mode’ to see the transition from day to night, for example. This will also highlight any areas of the room where there is insufficient task lighting, one of the most common design errors and something that can be difficult to correct retrospectively.

open plan area with kitchen white cabinets and seating area

Image: Virtual Worlds


It goes without saying that every kitchen and bathroom, regardless of its size, will benefit from a good amount of storage solutions. But where are the storage hot spots likely to be and what will be the best storage methods that enable you to reach everything you need without having to bend and stretch?

With Virtual Worlds you can walk around your kitchen as if you’re in it, getting first-hand experience of where things need to be.

tiled bathroom with marble effect flooring

Image: Virtual Worlds

Space to get around

You’ve got your heart set on an island unit for your open-plan kitchen, providing much-needed extra worktop space and doubling up as a breakfast bar and even a workstation if you’re working from home.

But how much floor space should you allow for one and will you still have enough room to move comfortably around it? What about when you need to open cupboard doors close by?

kithcne with white integrated cupboards and plant

Image: Virtual Worlds

Water pressure

There is little that is more frustrating than a slow tap or a shower that dribbles rather than cascades – what a waste of that beautiful rainfall shower head. Before you make any firm decisions on brassware, try running your hands under your favourites while using Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre, just to be sure.

woman with vr headset in a kitchen with father and son

Image: Virtual Worlds

Colour scheme

The colour you choose for the kitchen or bathroom will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. You may have a favourite in mind already, but are you sure on the exact shade? Once tiles are laid, the flooring’s down and the paint is on the walls, this is an aspect of the room’s design that is not always straightforward to change straightaway.

So make use of the latest design technology and experiment with as broad a colour palette as you desire. You never know, you may be surprised by your final choice!

Get the journey to your dream home underway, connect with showrooms using Virtual Worlds technology at Find4D.com


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