Save space and add functionality to your home with a pocket door kit. 


open plan area with seat books on floor grey walls and sliding door


Imagine transforming your home – creating space, more flexible room layouts and more light - by simply installing new doors. That’s what you can do with ECLISSE pocket doors. 

Removing the Hinged Door ‘Dead-Zone’

Hinged doors have a ‘dead zone’ – this is the arc of space required to swing a door open. It’s space that has to be factored into a layout but cannot be used.

The value of space in your property can range from around £1,000 to £11,000 per square metre depending on where you live, so it’s well worth making use of every last bit of it. By using pocket doors instead of traditional hinged doors, you can gain up to eight square metres of more usable space in a 100 square metre layout.

Watch this video to see how replacing traditional hinged doors with pocket doors allows you to reclaim usable space and revitalise your room layouts.

The double door approach

two house plans side by side one with hinged doors one with sliding doors


Replacing double hinged doors between two living areas with double pocket doors is a popular and cost-effective way to maximise space in a property. In our video the double hinged doors are replaced with an ECLISSE classic double wiring-ready pocket door system.

The wiring-ready version of our products has a wiring channel either side of the pocket, allowing electrical cables to be safely enclosed in the channel so that electrical sockets, switches and wall lights can be added on the pocket side of the wall.

Pocket door looking into a bedroom with plant


Maximising kitchen space

A single hinged door that bangs into your kitchen cabinets or restricts your usable space can be frustrating. Replacing it with a pocket door can instantly improve the layout. In our video, the space between the kitchen and living room is opened up and made more open plan using an ECLISSE single telescopic pocket door system. A double telescopic system can also be used to change the layout from open plan to cosy in an instant.

kitchen and dining area with sliding doors through to open plan living area


Improving a bedroom layout

Everyone wants more storage space in their bedroom. It’s a great way to cut down on clutter and make it a more relaxing space. Our video shows how replacing a hinged door with a pocket door can create more usable space allowing more storage to be added.

bedroom with dressing table and large photographic wall mural

Space for a small cabinet can be added next to the bed when a classic single pocket door system is installed.

ECLISSE pocket door systems are packed with ingenious features that have been specifically designed to make assembly and installation easier. For more information about the ECLISSE range of products visit the ECLISSE website or call their friendly customer service team on 0333 5770828.

eclisse sliding pocket door systems logo

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