Discover how high performance kitchen worktops can be used to create seamless designs with the wow factor.


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Want an on-trend and future-proof finishing touch for your new kitchen? Discover how the stunning ultra-matt aesthetics and innovative benefits of FENIX NTM worktops from Worktop Express can create the perfect kitchen for you.

Contemporary style

When it comes to kitchen worktops, a much-desired modern look is to go sleek and minimalist, without jarring lines or clunky touches. But with all the different styles and types available, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you – there’s a baffling range of choice.

That’s where FENIX NTM worktops from Worktop Express can help. With crisp clean lines, breathtaking ultra-matt looks and a soft touch feel, the FENIX NTM range is perfect for creating an aesthetically beautiful , contemporary, statement kitchen that is also hard-wearing and highly functional.

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Image: Worktop Express

The marriage of tech and design

FENIX NTM surfaces are more than just modern kitchen worktops. Developed using a proprietary technology that creates a surface which is both anti-fingerprint and soft to the touch, it provides a premium centrepiece for your kitchen with a luxury feel. Even better, busy homeowners can rest assured that it only needs simple everyday care to keep it in prime condition.

FENIX NTM worktops also have innovative thermal-healing properties, making it simple for you to repair superficial micro-scratches using everyday household items. If you want a beautiful, statement worktop that will look stunning now and for many years to come, it’s the perfect choice.

The worktops are available in five elegant, modern colours ranging from jet-black to cool white. There’s an eye-catching ‘flecked’ black, and two shades of grey, so you’re sure to find one that fits seamlessly into existing contemporary colour schemes.

These five colours are all available in two formats: Solid FENIX NTM, which is fully customisable with advanced bespoke features like drainage grooves, comes in an ultra-slim and incredibly contemporary 12mm profile. Bonded FENIX NTM, meanwhile, has a standard 39mm profile that's a cost-effective way to bring the benefits of FENIX NTM into your kitchen. Both Solid FENIX NTM and Bonded FENIX NTM bring subtle simplicity to your kitchen that will never go out of style. 

kitchen cabinets with white cupboards and black worksurface

Image: Worktop Express

Rounding off your flawless design

To complete the sleek, minimalist, contemporary look, unique colour-matched sinks are also available. The special matt-composite material creates a smooth surface and 'lotus effect', allowing for the rapid flow of water, making it easier to use, perfectly balancing aesthetics and functionality. 

The ravishing ultra-matt look of these sinks contrasts with the chromed elements for a premium look that will turn heads. These sinks will keep looking their very elegant best for years thanks to UV protection and because they’re also 100% stain repellent.

Complementary accessories including splashbacks and upstands made from the same material as the worktops are available to complete a seamless look throughout your kitchen. You can purchase a Solid FENIX NTM or Bonded FENIX NTM worktop with confidence from the UK’s leading online worktop supplier, Worktop Express. Simply visit the Worktop Express website to view the whole range of worktops, sinks and accessories or to order a FENIX NTM worktop sample to experience first-hand the beautiful colours and superior ultra-matt effect.

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