Resin and concrete poured floors provide a durable and stylish solution to your project.

concrete floor extension - the pros and cons of resin and concrete floors - home improvements -

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Are you in the process of considering a resin or concrete poured floor for your upcoming project? Weigh up the pros and cons of resin and concrete, says Alex Dennis, owner and CEO of Sphere 8.

Cost per metre

Poured concrete, resin and terrazzo floors, which cost from £250 to £450 per square metre, offer a unique and seamless finish perfectly suited to new builds or extensive renovation projects. They aren't the cheapest option but definitely make a design statement.

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Fuss-free design

As poured floors have no joins for dirt to collect in, they are easy to keep clean and shouldn’t suffer from mould or shrinkage. But both resin and cement will need to be sealed. Resin formulas based on a plant-oil biopolymer from the castor bean are resistant to cracking and yellowing. 


Resin floors tend to be more expensive than cement versions but they are also more durable and last longer. They are said to last around 25 years if cared for properly. 

poured concrete floor - the pros and cons of resin and concrete floors - home improvements -

Image: Sphere8

Quality materials

Micro-cement is a resin and cement blend that can be used on floors and walls to give a trowelled look and a hard surface. Polished screeds look like concrete, and there are eco-friendly versions available, such as MineralSphere, which is a cement-free formula of recycled glass and fly ash. 


All poured floors need to be applied to a good, solid and level substrate. The quality of the subfloor is even more important than when tiling or fitting timber floors, as you want to achieve a smooth and seamless finish.


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