Considering investing in a hot water tap for your kitchen? Here's what you need to know...

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Investing in a hot water tap might be a vital part of your kitchen design but what are the things to consider? the Grnd Designs team spoke to Jamie Blake, creative director and owner of Blakes London, to get his advice on choosing a hot water tap.

Quality assurance

It’s worth spending as much as you can and opting for a reputable brand to ensure quality and reliability. Not all hot water taps deliver water at 100°C, which is the ideal temperature for brewing black and herbal teas. So check before you buy if that is what you want. Quooker, Franke and Qettle all deliver water at 100°C.

Consider the space

The tank will need to be fitted in the cabinet underneath the sink. Depending on the brand you choose, you might lose a quarter of your cupboard space or more. The unit will also need a power supply. The size of the tank will affect how much water can be dispensed in one go, so check its capacity, as this varies in different models and ranges from 2-11 litres. 

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Image: Blanco

Safety first

Investigate the safety measures. All should have some form of lock or safety button that will help prevent scalding while using normal functions. Many designs also feature thermally sealed and anti-splatter spouts. 

Lime-scale control

Though fairly maintenance-free, you will need to invest in a limescale-control unit or be prepared to remove residue from time to time from your hot water tap. You can use acidic items in your cupboards at home such as lemon juice or vinegar to scrub away the lime-scale.

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Image: Quooker

Keep it efficient 

The filters will also need changing at regular intervals. This may depend on water usage, and some taps indicate when it is necessary, but otherwise aim to do it every six to 12 months.


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