A home security system can help deter would-be burglars and may even lower your home insurance quote. Here's what you need to know about installation. 

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Home security systems can vary greatly - where integrated systems were the norm for your home in time passed, a growing number of smart Internet of Things security applications are now available. 

These are easier to install, and can often be done yourself without expert help. Shady Murphy, marketing executive at Yale, offers up tips on how to approach a security system set-up. 

Planning for installation

When unboxing your system make sure you have everything you need to install it. The box should tell you what’s required for installation, be it screwdriver or tape measure. Get to grips with each piece in the kit. This will help when reading through the manual because you’ll understand what each individual piece does and what it connects to.

Check connections

Ensure the internet and Wi-Fi connections are working correctly and are strong. The strength of the Wi-Fi can affect the set-up and cause issues during the installation process. 

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Decide on hotspots

Take the time to plan out your system before beginning installation. Figure out which locations in your home will provide you with the most protection and decide where the sensors and hub will be situated. Think about the order in which the products need to be installed. For instance, the smart hub is central to an alarm system and so all other devices need to be linked with it to work. 

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Test your device once set up is complete as it could highlight any connection issues between the central hub and the accessories. Smart alarms that work with a smartphone app require testing to ensure locations are correct, and to see how the system reacts to people entering and leaving.

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Check your apps

As you will be using your smartphone or tablet to manage the system, check their connection and ensure you understand how the app operates and how to manage it.


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