The latest lifts are a perfect way to add elegance and long-term accessibility to your home project. 


room with glass doored lift plant and statue

Image: Versatile Lift Company

When planning your dream house, it pays to look forward into the future. Beautifully designed and installed into your property, a VLC Luxury Home lift will not only add style and finesse, but will ensure it really is your forever home. 

Another level

For many, a dream home is one that you’ll want to grow old in, a place to enjoy a comfortable retirement, the place you’ve worked hard for and created. So it is important to think about how you’ll use your house in years to come and how the natural process of ageing may affect mobility in the home. It’s something we tend not to think about but the reality can be a real issue for homeowners.

Preparing for your future in advance will avoid major upheaval at a time you would least want it. Choosing to enhance your home at the outset or during a planned refurbishment will not only add chic and elegance to your project, it will give you peace of mind that you and your guests can access all of the levels your home has to offer.

room with large chandelier light and accessible lift

Image: Versatile Lift Company

We have lift off

Lifts are up and coming – if you’ll pardon the pun. These beautifully stylish 360 degree designs shown here (from 1m diameter) fit into the smallest of places, can be fitted in some cases in as little as 2 or 3 days  (options that would not have previously been possible). Offering panoramic views, the PVE elevators are unobtrusive, function perfectly and with the inclusion of assisted air power, compliment the look of any home whilst being an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

curved accessible lift next to staircase

Other lifts in the range supplied and installed by the Versatile Lift Company can be made bespoke to your individual requirements including a huge variety of colours and finishes to compliment your décor and personal style.

Image: Versatile Lift Company

accessible lift in library

Image: Versatile Lift Company

Uplifting products

The Versatile Lift Company’s collection of lifts for UK Luxury Home Lifts include the assisted by air power Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator which is available in 3 sizes plus a new Eco model recently added for smaller budgets, as well as bespoke platform lifts such as Aritco Homelift , Nova Suite and IGV Domus chosen for reliability and flexibility for the customer’s requirements.

Versatile Lift Company are highly mindful of our planet and continually strive to work with suppliers who choose environmentally friendly materials and work methods; offering a lower carbon footprint and peace of mind.

black curved lift with stairs winding around it

Image: Versatile Lift Company

Whether it’s for now, your future or to welcome guests who may have accessibility options, such as elderly parents, lift installation is the perfect way to maintain your independence in your grand design. Speak to this UK-based specialist lift company to discover more about how they can elevate your home.

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