The island has become the crux of modern, openplan kitchen designs. Explore these ideas for making it function brilliantly and play a starring role in your scheme. 

harvey jones kitchen island - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Harvey Jones

If you're renovating your kitchen and opting to create a larger, more openplan space, then chances are you'll be factoring in an island as part of your design. Islands have a lot to offer these types of kitchens – occassional seating, which helps your space become more social, and extra worksurface for food prep to name but a few. More than that, it plays an integral role in the layout of your kitchen to create flow. 

An island also represents an opportunity for an extra creative element in your kitchen design. Take a look at these six ideas which will make sure the island takes centre stage in your scheme. 


Martin Moore blue kitchen island in barn conversion - grand designs - home improvements

Image: Martin Moore

Standing alone from the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, the island is an obvious place to look to introduce colour. Whether you opt for something bold or something subtle, perhaps tonal to the rest of your scheme, creating definition between the island and the wall cabinetry is an effective visual trick for an openplan kitchen. 

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Uniform material 

kitchen with stone effect marble island - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Daniel Nicolas

In this kitchen scheme, the island appears almost like a monolithic slab carved from a single piece of stone. In fact, it's HI-MACS, a natural acrylic stone which can be easily manipulated to suit a range of design applications. Here, it has been used as a veneer for the island drawers, as well as heat-moulded to create a seamless sink within the worksurface itself. 

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Overhead objects 

daytrue green kitchen with hanging island storage - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Day True

Something hanging over an island will help ground it in the room. A common design choice is to opt for pendant lighting – perfect for illuminating the island as task lighting; however, ceiling-mounted shelving, as used in this kitchen by Day True, is another functional alternative. In this design, a hob with downdraft extractor is used on the island too, meaning that cooking supplies can be kept close at hand on these hanging shelves. 

Moving parts 

eggersman motion moveable worktop idea - kitchen island - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Eggersman

Eggersmann's Motion, a moveable worksurface system, feature hidden rollers that enable surfaces to slide back to reveal sinks and hobs or to extend as tabletops for dining and food preparation. A clever way to add some adaptability to your kitchen island. 

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Freestanding furniture

 Neptune Suffolk Medium Kitchen in Slate and Dove Grey with freestanding island - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Neptune

A freestanding kitchen island has a few benefits for your space. Firstly, it can be moved as required, offering a more adaptable space. While they won't pack in storage as efficiently as built in cabinetry, they allow for open bases, which can help your space feel larger, particularly useful for compact homes. This Charlecote design from Neptune, comes in a variety of styles to suit function - including both storage and spce for bar stool seating as required. 

Creative seating  

 roundhouse design kitchen with breakfast bar style island seating - grand designs - home improvements

Image: Roundhouse Design 

From worksurface overhangs to raised breakfast bars, the options available for creating a seating element to your island are endless. Consider a different material to demarcate the space for dining from the space for food prep and you may just keep the family's clutter at bay - particularly necessary if your kitchen does become the heart of the family home. 


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