On the penthouse level of a recently renovated late 19th century home, a clever intervention unites the bedroom space with the openplan ensuite. 

open plan bedroom with ensuite in renovated home in netherlands - grand designs - home improvements

Image: Daniel Nicolas

Having most recently been utilised as a recording studio, restoration specialist interior architects Studio Ruim took on the task of reinstating this Wilhelminapark villa located in Haarlem, Netherlands, to its bygone splendour. 

The building was designed in the late 19th century by architect S.J.W. Mons, who took his inspiration from the style of English homes and gardens.

Take a tour of its penthouse level bedroom suite to explore some of the clever design aspects the architects have employed here. 

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Box clever 

ensuite bathroom with walk in shower enclosure - grand designs - home improvement

Image: Daniel Nicolas

The concept of a central volume made from oak has been used elsewhere in the house too, connecting the living room and kitchen, and featuring as a material choice for the likes of the kitchen cabinetry too. Though intersected by the steel doors, it creates a continuation here that helps unite the ensuite bathroom with the bedroom as a whole, connected space, in spite of the staircase that sits between them. 

On the bathroom side, a framless glass double shower enclosure is lined with luxurious, dramatic marble, which appears to align itself more with the dark oak than the other, simpler finishes throughout the bathroom, keeping the aesthetic of this central box in tact. 

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Soak with a view 

bespoke window bath tub in niche in bathroom - grand designs - home improvement

Image: Daniel Nicolas

This cleaner aesthetic can particularly be noted in the ensuite's Cleopatra bathtub, which occupies an overhanging niche. Utilising the thermofoldable nature of HI-MACS, the bathtub looks as though it has been cut from a solid piece of stone, and blends seamlessly into the walls and step, also made from HI-MACS.

“Given the historic character of this building, we were not allowed to change anything in the tower itself. So we designed this bespoke Cleopatra-style bathtub, which is an absolutely unique piece,” explains Sigrid van Kleef for Ruim Studio. “Furniture is literally built into the tower, which also helps to insulate the walls and window,” adds René van der Leest.

HI-MACS is a non-porous material, and thanks to this and its invisible seams, its ideal for an easy-to-clean bathroom space. 

Tucked away 

modern bathroom with built in vanity sinks - grand designs - home improvement

Image: Daniel Nicolas

In spite of its open nature to the bedroom, the ensuite bathroom has been designed to wrap around, offering screened privacy when in use. HI-MACS has also been used for the basin and vanity, offering the same stark minimalism that is the perfect foil for the warm wood and marble elements in the design. 

Brokenplan design 

spiral staircase down through crittall style glass windows - grand designs - home improvement

Image: Daniel Nicolas

As the main bedroom of the house, the space is afford privacy by its penthouse level positioning. Dark green steel doors perfectly match the stair runner, while a central cluster pendant chandelier reaches from this top level, through to the ground floor. 


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