Get practical advice for installing a new fireplace into your renovation or self build from the experts. 


 lounge with sofas and log effect inset fire

Image: Stovax Gazco

A fireplace can be the real centrepiece of any room, adding warmth, snugness and style. Here’s a handy guide to what you need to know before installing a new one. 

Chimneys and fuel types

lounge with green sofas and stove 

Image: Stovax Gazco

One of the main things you should consider when choosing your stove or fire is whether or not it requires a flue. Solid fuel and gas heating products produce combustion gases when they burn, which will need to be removed from the appliance safely to the outside of your property via a chimney or flue system. Electric fires and stoves have no need for any type of flue and offer unparalleled installation versatility.

Solid fuel and gas products can be installed into homes with or without an existing masonry chimney. Installation into an existing chimney is relatively straightforward but depending on the current state of the chimney, and the size of the stove or fire you’ve chosen, some preparation work may be required.

To ensure the chimney is working correctly, it will need to be checked for any blockages as well as draw and airtightness, prior to installation. Your local independent retailer will be able to take care of these checks. They’ll also be able to ascertain whether the chimney opening needs to be enlarged to accommodate a larger stove and fire.

Flue solutions

modern seat next to wood burning stove and log store 

Image: Stovax Gazco

Where a solid fuel or gas stove or fire is being installed into a room without an existing chimney, a flue system will need to be fitted. For wood burning and multi-fuel products, prefabricated flue systems such as Stovax’s Professional XQ range offer a convenient solution. This weatherproof flue system connects directly to the appliance and can either run through the inside of the property to emerge through the roof or be mounted to the building’s exterior to reduce installation costs.

These types of prefabricated systems can often be coated in a variety of RAL colours to meet local authority requirements or suit a particular property style. You’ll be able to blend it into your existing aesthetics or choose a contrasting colour to make a real statement.

A simple survey

wall with inset fire desk and chair

Image: Stovax Gazco

Gas stoves and fires that are being installed without a masonry chimney will need to be selected in balanced flue versions, which have been specifically designed for this type of application. These types of gas appliances connect to a twin wall pipe which vents combustion gases whilst drawing in oxygen required for burning. Balanced flue systems can exit through a wall or roof of a property depending on requirements.

Your trusted retailer will be able to outline any steps needed in advance by conducting a site survey. They will take care of all parts of the installation of your heating product, ensuring your new Stovax or Gazco fire or stove performs optimally and brings a glowing heart to your home.

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