To be able to claim energy-saving home improvement vouchers under the Green Homes Grant, you'll need to work with a TrustMark registered trader. 

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As part of the new Green Homes Grant initiative, home energy-saving improvements carried out under the new voucher scheme must be completed by a TrustMark registered business or one registered under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). 

Here's what you need to know. 

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What is TrustMark?

TrustMark, the only Government Endorsed Quality scheme, was established in 2005 in conjunction with industry bodies and consumer protection groups.  The primary aim of TrustMark is to drive up standards across all sectors of home improvement and ensure high levels of consumer protection are maintained. 

Simon Ayers, CEO of TrustMark, welcomed the opportunity to work with the industry sectors to support the delivery of quality work and ensure that consumers receive the high standard of work they should expect. The home improvements carried out under the scheme will have greater levels of technical standards and commented that the Green Homes Grant scheme is the “kickstart” the construction and energy sector need to help recover from the coronavirus pandemic and help the UK reach the target of being carbon neutral by 2050.  

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How to find a TrustMark registered business

When using the Simple Energy Advice website, only traders that are eligible to complete works under the Green Homes Grant will be shown, ensuring that it's a register where all traders are deemed trustworthy due to their TrustMark status or participation in the MCS. Alternatively, you can find TrustMark registered traders directly through TrustMark's online search tool.

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Search now: Find your local TrustMark registered business.

How to approach your home improvements

If you're unsure where to start with your Green Homes Grant home improvements, Simon Ayers suggests looking at your property with a critical eye as a whole, with a goal of improving your property's insulation a vital component in the Whole House Retrofit approach. 

“It is important that a property is looked at holistically. We must start the delivery of a ‘whole house approach’ and looking at the ‘fabric first’ so that you address the overall efficiency of the building before looking at the heating services," he says. "Through a whole house approach, a property owner can determine what measures are needed for optimising home energy efficiency and ensuring the best value for money."

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“In short, through the voucher scheme, eligible property owners will be able to use the vouchers to help pay for energy efficiency improvements, that will not only cut energy bills but will also create and support thousands of jobs whilst addressing the climate emergency the world is facing."


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