Explore the new technology that allows you to walk around your future bathroom or kitchen before it even exists


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Image: Virtual Worlds by Logicom

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are major investments for your home. To help avoid buyer’s remorse and showcase a design concept in full detail, a greater number of retailers are turning to technology that allows you to take a virtual tour of your new room before it’s even been built…

Great expectations

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Image: Virtual Worlds by Logicom

It’s not every day that you buy a new kitchen or bathroom. In fact, it’s something you’re only really likely to do a handful of times, yet the onus on getting the finished space just right is huge. There’s no doubt that these two rooms play an important role in the home overall, in terms of adding value and sheer comfort, but with so many elements to the design of these spaces to get right, knowing quite where to start can be daunting.

Buyer’s remorse affects many people and it’s not uncommon to put off taking the plunge for months or even years, for fear of the end result not being up to expectations.

The limits of planning

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Image: Virtual Worlds by Logicom

Browsing interior design magazines and websites for inspiration certainly helps, while flicking through brochures and seeing products for real in a retail showroom gives a good idea of what is available, but there are still no assurances that what looks good on the displays will work when installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

Even with the best designers and planning in the world, being able to take a 2D drawing and visualise what it will look and feel like in real life can be difficult. It’s almost impossible from such an approach to get a real idea of what it might be like to live in.

Inside the future

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Image: Virtual Worlds by Logicom

The latest 4D design virtual reality technology from Virtual Worlds offers a solution, enabling consumers to make informed choices when designing a new kitchen or bathroom, stepping into the design and exploring the room’s potential in a fully immersive way.

Virtual Worlds’ 4D Theatre features real-time photo rendering, surround sound, voice commands and product interaction, enabling the user to experience what it would really be like to stand in, and use, their new kitchen or bathroom.

Peace of mind

Giving the user a real sense of spatial awareness, the specially-designed headset enables you to virtually step into the design, walk around the room and get a real feel for the space. That makes it easier to judge how much room there is for that island unit you’ve always dreamed of, or whether there really is space for a freestanding bath.

The software even enables the user to interact with the fixtures and fittings, open drawers and cupboards to get an idea of the room’s storage potential and run your hand under the tap or shower and actually feel them getting wet as part of a truly immersive experience that offers the peace of mind to banish that fear of buyer’s remorse for good. Visit www.find4d.co.uk to find your nearest Virtual Worlds retailer and get a glimpse of your home’s future.

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