A garden shower can be a practical addition for your home if you have the space and need. Take a look at what you should consider if including one in your project. 

 poolside shower with saloon style door in home - grand designs

Image: A poolside shower, seating and changing room was created at this residential property in Somerset by architect De Rosee Sa. Photo: Alex James 

While installing an outdoor garden shower isn’t going to be a necessity for many homeowners, there are plenty of reasons to consider one as an addition to your garden scheme, even for those who live in less than tropical climes for the majority of the year. 

The Grand Designs magazine teamed asked Yousef Mansuri, Head of Design at C.P. Hart, for his key considerations for such a project. 

outdoor shower with slate tiles - home improvements - grand designs

Image: This outdoor shower features a sunken tray to collect water, lined with Nero Riven Slate tiles from Mandarin Stone

Why install an outdoor shower?

Installing an outdoor garden shower is the perfect option for those who live by the sea, have a pool or hot tub, or need some respite from the warmth in summer. It can also be the perfect solution in a colder climate when wanting to have a view whilst showering or as a place perhaps to wash the dog after a muddy walk or children after an equally muddy football match. 

As they are relatively small they are compact and make a great solution for a garden which may be too small for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

outdoor shower with wood panelling and corten screen - home improvements - grand designs

Image: At this property in Whitstable, Kent, an outdoor shower has been built over natural drainage with a wood and Corten steel screen. Photo: Ian Hanmer

Where’s the best place for an outdoor shower? 

There are many things to consider before choosing where to place garden shower, such as how private the garden is… Is this area overlooked? Tucking an outdoor shower around a corner away from the prying eyes on neighbours is potentially a good idea, or you may want to construct a screen to help with privact. 

A sunny area would make a good location, as the water will dry from the surface best, preventing any future damp problems.

The location of plumbing may also need to be considered.

modern outdoor shower design from jee-o - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Jee-O who create outdoor shower pipes, available from C.P. Hart, are integrated with 360 all-weather frost free options, which keep the hot water pipe from freezing, perfect for the English climate

What are the practical considerations?

If the garden being fully renovated, the new plumbing pipes can be directed to where you would like the shower pipe to be placed - likewise, for any outdoor shower, you’ll need to consider how drainage will play into the design. 

Depending on usage, this may not mean requiring an actual drain, and may make use of your garden natural drainage. Decking, lawns, stone patios, stone paths, and gravel driveways.

If you’re retrofitting a shower into an existing garden and need pipes to reach this area, some of the flooring may need to be removed in order to install this. 

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However, there are some outdoor shower designs that can are freestanding and can be fixed up to a garden hose for use. These, however, will not have a warming element built in to the system, so will offer only cold showers. 

Another item to consider would be the hot water pipe and how this remains warm without freezing over. Many contemporary outdoor shower systems factor in this with frost free pipes. 


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