The latest tiles combine modern style with properties that elevate them to the next level.

tiled patio leading into house through patio doors

Image: The London Tile Co. 

Many of us are looking for a seamless connection between the inside and outside of our homes, and synchronous tiles are a great way to achieve that look. We take a look at a range that delivers on style but also adds something extra for peace of mind…

One big home

white kitchen with tiles and island

Image: The London Tile Co. 

Porcelain tiles allow you to blend the inside and outside of your home with ease. Rather than a jarring border where the interior ends and the exterior begins, synchronous tiles give a sense of continuity and flow. Throw open your sliding or bi-fold patio doors and seemingly identical tiles lead you from one area to another. Perfect for families, entertaining guests, sunny days and dining al fresco.

The subtle difference

living area opening out onto patio

Image: The London Tile Co. 

The tiles aren’t identical, however. A range such as the Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles uses an outdoor tile with a 20mm thickness in order to be frost resistant, while the indoor tiles have a thinner 10mm profile. What both have in common is a colourfast property, so they won’t fade, stain resistance and, crucially, a non-slip coating too. The latter is to help keep you and your family safe, but this range has another trick up its sleeve too…

Family-friendly tiles

tiled patio with flowers and dining table

Image: The London Tile Co. 

We live in uncertain times, so many of us will embrace something that helps to keep your family safe and protected. The Iguazu range of Valverdi tiles comes complete with SteriTile, metallic ions that are an intrinsic part of the tile’s glaze. These ions have been manufactured to bond with and sterilise the DNA of 99.995 of micro-organisms and bacteria.

This means that if you’ve got a young family with kids who like to play on the patio or on the kitchen or dining room floor, they’ll be doing so in a much more sterile environment. SteriTile is also perfect for bathrooms, for reducing odours throughout the house and in food preparation areas. As the ions are in the glaze, they work indefinitely, for the lifetime of the time. To discover how Valderdi Iguazu tiles can protect your family while delivering style in abundance, find out more on The London Tile Co website

logo for steritile, kids 99.99% of bacteria

Image: The London Tile Co. 


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