This renovation project by XUL Architecture has brought light from multiple angles to the main spaces of the home. 

 exterior rear of house renovation project - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Matt Clayton

Briefed with improving the circulation and extending the house to create a larger formal living room, London-based practice XUL Architecture approached this project in a prestigious Hampstead Garden suburb by looking at the internal layout to ensure that every area was served by natural light from a multitude of angles, leaving now dark and awkward spaces. 

This included converting an existing garage to a playroom, and opening out the hallway and kitchen to make lighter and brighter open-plan areas. 

Take a look at the smart configuration choices the architects made to ensure this property met their client's brief.  

Make an entrance 

Entrance vestibule with crittal style door - grand designs - home improvements

Image: Matt Clayton

To create better sight-lines on the ground floor, the entry to the entrance vestibule was replaced with a Crittall-style glass, helping this space stay bright and open. A glass door at the rear garden entrance establishes an unobstructed view from the front to the back of the house. 

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Creating corridors 

crittall glass from living room to corridor - grand designs - home improvements

Image: Matt Clayton

In turning the garage into a playroom for the children, space had to be reclaimed from the living room to make a corridor down to the space. However, rather than leave the living room open on to the corridor, or create a dark corridor between spaces, XUL used another Crittall screen to create a divide, but that keeps the hallway bright. 

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Light from above 

kitchen with two skylights - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Matt Clayton

XUL added an extra source of natural light to many of the spaces with skylights, opening one up at the end of the corridor above the single-storey playroom and another in the living room extension. Tilted skylight to bring more light into the kitchen and living space, which had also undergone some renovation to open the room up and level out the ceiling heights. 

Pocket doors  

ensuite bathroom with pocket door - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Matt Clayton

While the style of this home is quite traditional, creating rooms separated with solid walls and doors, XUL have created a better flow by using pocket doors in key areas. This means doors can be left open without affecting movement about the space, alowing light to be borrowed from room to room, benefitting the darker spaces with less windows, such as this bedroom, which only has windows on one facing. 

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