For the ultimate in entertaining spaces, invest in a retro games machine custom built in the UK.


arcade room in a home with variety of machines

Image: Arcade Mania 

With many a childhood spent playing games in an arcade as a key source of entertainment, it’s no wonder that so many modern homeowners want to capture the nostalgia of these retro devices by creating their own gaming room. And with one company specialising in creating yesterday’s games built for today’s gamers, it’s easier than ever to achieve… 

Custom style

Part of the charm of arcade games is in the faithful recreation of the classic retro style of the machines. As Arcade Mania’s machines are all built here in the UK, you can customise the design with bespoke artwork, as well as choose your own player 1 and 2 buttons, joysticks, colours and more to ensure it really is your dream machine. 

retro arcade game in an office

Image: Arcade Mania 

Space invaders 

Whether you have the space for a dedicated gaming room or want to add some fun to an office or lounge, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Bar top machines make for perfect additions into a space that’s already filled with furniture, while arcade machines with stands are an ideal freestanding option. 


Image: Arcade Mania 

Gamer's choice 

Perhaps the biggest decision for your games room is choosing the game (or games) you want to include, and Arcade Mania has a huge range to choose from. Created using Raspberry Pi and PC-based emulators, they can cater for any realm of nostalgia, from the likes of Space Invaders arcade games all the way up to a contemporary games including Avengers and Spongebob. 

Head on over to Arcade Mania's new website and start to build your own custom games room, piece by piece. 

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