Whether you want to make a statement with a feature door handle, or just to create a sleek, but functional look, check out the latest styles in hardware. 

 modern stylish living room with panelled walls and dividing doors - grand designs

Image: Buster + Punch 

Door hardware may seem like a small detail, but the devil is truly in that detail when it comes to finishing your self-build or renovation project.

Go beyond basic and choose a style that complements the bones of your build and it's sure to prove an investment that pays dividends over the lifetime spent in your home. 

Modern industrial 

 black industrial door knob on a door - grand designs

Image: Buster + Punch 

The industrial trend is popular for modern homes, and lends itself well to the materials used to make hardware. However, capturing the spirit of this style is not so much abut recreating a factory-inspired look, but how traditionally industrial finishes can be elevated in design for the home. The designers at Buster + Punch are the masters of this, and their hardware is rightly a leader in the design field. Knurled detailing is a particular strength, including this new range of door knobs which launches in July and perfectly capture industrial luxe style. 

Statement designs 

 Kramer Colour Pop Door Handle

Image: Dowsing and Reynolds 

While there are plenty of examples of statement, maximalist homes around, creative feature hardware isn't reserved solely for these kinds of designs. Where interiors are sleek and architectural, using a surprising element within the design adds an unexpected joy to the design. Think homes with boldly colourful staircases, for example. An idea like these Kramer colour pop door handles from Dowsing & Reynolds could be that small detail which adds this moment of fun that elevates a scheme. 

Material interests 

selection of concrete interior door handles - grand designs  

Image: Designer Doorware

Hardware material choice has a part to play as part of a larger interior scheme. Finding a design which has something to offer the design of your space will add a sense of luxury that is only achieved by paying attention to the details, whether that's the choice of metallic finish, or incorporating more intriguing materials into the mix. The Bullet+Stone collection is a new product line for Designer Doorware, teaming industrial, irregular concrete with luxurious metal finishes. 

Modern heritage 

brass t bar on wooden internal door 

Image: Corston Architectural Detail 

In a property with period features, a nod to the heritage of the building through interior hardware can be the perfect finishing touch. This doesn't necessarily meaning trying to find a style that replicates the house's era faithfully, which can end up creating a pastiche of period looks. Instead, try a modern design that has been imbued with the essence and flair of heritage design. The Harper range from Corston Architectural Detail simplifies some of the ornate detailing you'd expect on period hardware, while retaining a heritage silhouette. 



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