Achieve an effortlessly hardworking room that performs under pressure by following these design tips for creating a functional family bathroom.

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Successfully designing a family bathroom involves meeting the requirements of several users of different ages, heights and sizes. It needs to function efficiently, be able to cope with some tough treatment, all the while still looking good for years to come. 

Find the perfect fit

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With the British family bathroom often measuring in at under 5 square metres, planning a space-enhancing scheme is a priority. It's also worth investigating the possibility of renovating to gain even an extra metre or two of room, as this may also add a little more value to your home.

To be able to move easily around the bath, basin and showe, allow 60-70 cm of clear space between each one and, for comfort, choose the biggest designs you can while taking this into account. 

Bath and shower ideas

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A bath is a must for young families and a curved, double-ended design looks great and offers ergonomic space for bathing two children at the same time. 'Freestanding tubs work for the whole family and if space is tight, there are smaller versions available,' says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. 'Placing the taps in a central position will avoid any arguements about who gets the tap end.'  

Storage options

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Address problems associated with an awkward layout or lack of space with bespoke or modular fitted furniture. Wall-hung vanity units are an excellent choice for keeping products out of sight.

When you're renovating or building from scratch, stud walls with built-in recesses provide practical shower storage. Remember to ensure that bath surrounds are wide-enough to hold essentials. You may also want to fit a dual fuel or electric-heated rail, so stacks of warm towels are available all year round. 

Walls and floors

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When it comes to design possibilities, tiles are an ideal combination of hard-wearing, practical and incredibly versatile. 'Porcelain replica woods and marbles are an excellent alternative to the real thing,' says Colin Roby-Welford, creative director at Fired Earth. Large formats and panels will reduce grout lines for smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces.

Smart bathroom

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With an emphasis on water safety and efficiency, thermostatic brassware and digital controls make regulating the water temperature very easy and you can pre-programme settings to personal preferences.

With smart home technology, almost everything can be controlled via an app or home assistant. Different family members' preferences can be saved so everyone can have a customised shower and their baths filled automatically, while music and lighting settings transform spaces into relaxing retreats.


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