Find out how ergonomically-designed sofas and recliners have been re-invented for the modern home and discover a chance to win one for yourself.


reclining seat and footstool with beige sofa and table

Image: Ekornes

Reclining furniture has often been clunky and, frankly, naff. Stressless® has pioneered a different way – combining Scandinavian style with ergonomic comfort for essential pieces that fit perfectly into today’s homes.

Sitting pretty

For almost 50 years, Stressless® has been designing furniture that takes elements of the inimitable Scandinavian approach to style but marries it with fantastic functionality. This started back in 1971 when it launched a recliner that was made to the meet the body’s natural needs for support and movement.

Much of the reclining furniture on the market fails on at least two scores – often a seat will just tilt back without much care for body ergonomics, and aesthetics are often an afterthought. The full Stressless® range is made with both of these elements at the forefront.

 two reclining seats with footstools light and table

Image: Ekornes

Marvellous materials

It’s an approach that sold over 10 millions seats across the globe, but one that sees the company still restlessly innovating and moving to reflect contemporary trends.

Using only high-end materials such as fabric upholstery and high-grade premium leather, along with choice metals and woods means that Stressless® sofas, recliner chairs and more are in demand by those who expect the best. From solo chairs to sets that make the most of open-plan living, you’ll be able to find something for any kind of space you’re planning.

man on three seater sofa next to reclining chair and tables 

Image: Ekornes

Support and style

Features across the range include firm neck and lumbar support with a luxurious finish, with how people actually sit and lie on sofas and chairs considered and factored in. The LegComfort system incorporates footrests, while BalanceAdapt sees the chair adjusting according to your movements.

Both fabric and leather finishes come in a wide range of modern hues and a variety of textures, while the modular options on sofa allow you ultimate flexibility. Every seat is made to order in Norway, with high environmental and ethical standards, meaning you can sit in comfort with peace of mind too. 

Win a London recliner chair 

reclining seat and footstool with beige sofa and table 

Image: Stressless® London recliner, Ekornes

Fancy reclining in comfort and style in your home in a Stressless® London recliner like this? Enter this competition today!

Explore the Stressless® and discover the very best reclining seats in the world.

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