Protect your home and appliances from the negative effects of hard water with a water softener. 


woman filling jug from tap while two children sit at worktop

Image: Harvey Water Softeners

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a soft water area. Hard water – water that has more magnesium and calcium particles in it – is in use across large parts of the UK. You might not be able to see the difference in the water itself, but you’ll certainly be familiar with its various negative effects.

Lose the limescale

The most obvious of these effects is the traces of limescale that hard water use leaves, as well as the hidden costs that it causes. Limescale deposits will appear on the heating element of your kettle, which might lead to unsightly mineral deposits in your drinks, but also means your kettle takes longer to boil and has a shorter lifespan.

You might not notice it with your eyes, but limescale is affecting other appliances in your house too, including washing machines. By using a water softener, you can say goodbye to limescale and extend the life of your products.

a silver stove top kettle on top of a hob

Image: Harvey Water Softeners

Softer equals cleaner

Hard water also makes it more difficult to keep yourself and your house clean. Those limescale build-ups will appear on everything from glassware to plates, cutlery to pots and pans and on shower curtains. That means more time you’ll spend cleaning them, and you’ll spend more money on the products to clean them too.

When keeping yourself and your family clean, hard water limescale deposits appear on baths, which lose their gleam, and block shower heads. If your once powerful shower is now spraying water in numerous directions and losing water pressure, that’s likely a side-effect of limescale. Prefer a bath? Soft water gives you more bubbles and suds, meaning you’ll not only have a more enjoyable soak, you’ll use less shampoo, soap and shower gel.

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Image: Harvey Water Softeners

Your 3-month trial

You don’t have to move home to get the benefits of soft water. Instead, opt for a Harvey Water Softener that is simple to install, can be hidden away and will quietly go about softening the water supply for your family.

You’ll quickly see the benefits – a home that keeps looking brand new and requires less cleaning and polishing.

As well as offering a free in-home demonstration where Harvey will bring a portable softener so you can try water from your own tap, Harvey now also offers a 3 month trial so you can see the results for yourself, paying a monthly installment for 3 months with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. If you do love your new water softener (and 96% of people do), you can continue to enjoy it with your preferred payment method. 

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Image: Harvey Water Softeners

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