Bathrooms are often the smallest spaces in a property, but these ideas from real spaces pack in plenty of functionality per square metre. 

  small size freestanding bath in modern attic setting - granddesigns

Image: Dinkee freestanding bath, BC Designs 

No matter what the budget for your build or renovation, there's often only so far you can stretch your space. One of the room's that often suffers for lack of room? The bathroom - in fact, the average size in the UK is the same as a King Size bed. 

However, our designers and architects are well versed in getting the most of a compact space, as these real life examples of space-efficient bathrooms goes to show. 

Central grouping 

compact bathroom design by Urban Mesh, photography juliet murphy - granddesigns

Image: Juliet Murphy 

This clever design, in the home of architect James Beazer of Urban Mesh, manages to squeeze a bath, shower and vanity into a compact area with an unusual but effective layout. 

Zoned wet rooms 

bathroom design by katie mccrum - grand designs

Image: The Watermark Collection 

Created by interior designer Katie McCrum, this bathroom zones the bath and shower behind a partial Crittal style screen. Not only is this efficient with space as the shower is fit snugly next to the freestanding bath, but the partial wall gives another area to install two vanity basins. Take a tour of this ensuite design in full. 

Slanted roof storage 

Shower Roomdesign by Lisa Burke Tookey with domus tiles - grand designs

Image: Domus Group 

This bathroom design makes use of the lost space under a slanted roof to create built-in storage, as well as a recess for keeping clutter at bay. 

The large format tiles from Domus, which have minimal grout joints, may seem counterintuitive, but the grout joints required for small tiles can add to the visual clutter in a space, which can make it feel even smaller.

Round bathtubs

For most people, a round bath may seem like a bit of a novelty, but when you're not working with the right proportions for a standard bath, they can be an effective way to keep your bathing options open. This design from West One Bathrooms also goes to show that they can be incredibly stylish. 

Walk through showers

small shower and bathroom Tsuruta 10 Room No Roof. Photography: Tim Crocer - grand designs

Image: Tim Crocker 

Where an enclosed shower would have created a physical divide in this small bathroom by Tsuruta Architects, a single pane of glazing helps the space feel open, while also remaining practical when showering. 

Under the eaves

compact en suite bathroom with glass doors - Chromatic House 49. Photograpy: Nicholas Worley - grand designs

Images: Nicholas Worley

A loft conversion is the perfect space for a new bathroom or ensuite, but it will likely provide a space that needs to work around a slanted roof. This clever design, from Holland Harvey Architects and fitted with products from West One Bathrooms, ensures that there's always enough headroom in spaces you need to stand, placing the toilet and towel rail at the point with the lowest height. 


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